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Flaunt Marketing Lands Five New Accounts

Announcement posted by Flaunt Marketing 23 Sep 2019

One of Australia’s most established independent PR and marketing agencies, Flaunt Marketing, has secured five new accounts kicking off a huge start to the final quarter of 2019.

New accounts include:


Williams Burger Days for social media management.

PopSockets for Australian PR and social media management

Llumar Singapore for video production of Asia Pacific Summer campaign

Razor Scooters for Christmas and Summer 19/20 PR plus social media

Moochies for Christmas and Back to School PR plus social media


Flaunt was founded in 1995 by Director Sharyn Lowe who says the new batch of accounts signals the flexibility and scope of results Flaunt can achieve.


“At the heart of our business is great ideas combined with outstanding delivery,” said Lowe.


“We have people inside the business with 30 plus years of experience as well as those recently graduated, it’s this combination which is so powerful,” she said.


The Razor and Moochies accounts are extensions to the work Flaunt conducts with ASX listed Funtastic Toys Australia, while the Grill’d owned Williams Burger Days and the PopSockets accounts were gained via company referrals.


Llumar is a long standing Singapore based client, part of the Eastman Group. Flaunt was appointed to produce creative print and film campaigns for their window tinting products, which will be circulated around Asia.


“After having the business for almost 25 years, being able to grow only via referrals is such a great feeling,” said Lowe. “It means our senior team can be focused on our clients, rather than pitching for work.”


“We are so grateful for our past and present clients that refer us and those that take us along with them to their new positions,” she said.

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