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Dental Greetings Understands the Disability of Missing and Misaligned Teeth

Dental Greetings is a dental clinic run by husband and wife duo who aim to provide the best dental services in Banyo & Geebung areas of Brisbane.

Most people only consider the aesthetic appearance of a missing tooth. Dental Greetings understands that one or more missing teeth, or even misaligned teeth, can represent a dental disability for an individual in multiple ways.

Teeth are more than just an attractive way to interact with people. They play an integral role in mental and physical health. Even the loss of even a single tooth can result in a nutritional and health issue. When the problem is misaligned teeth, Invisalign Banyo are available.

The Nundah dentist knows how tooth loss interferes with the ability to chew food that in turn affects the digestive process. Depending upon how obvious the loss of a tooth is to others, people may withdraw from social interactions, it can affect their self-esteem, and even impact employment options and opportunities.

The teeth are designed to grind food into smaller pieces that are more easily digested. Digesting larger bits of food can lead to issues of acid reflux, gas and bloating, indigestion and heartburn, along with low energy, headache and constipation. The Wavell Heights dentist at Dental Greetings knows that digestion actually begins in the mouth.

Improper digestion affects the way the body releases insulin and uses energy efficiently. Missing and misaligned teeth have an impact on nutrition and weight loss. People that are able to chew their food well and thoroughly tend to feel fuller quicker. They eat less, fewer calories are consumed, and better nutrition is achieved due to a larger range of foods being eaten.

Teeth can be lost due to poor dental care, accidents and other causes. A Dental Greetings Geebung dentist offers a variety of options encompassing implants, dentures, veneers, crowns and bridges to ensure aesthetics are maintained and individuals don’t have to live with a dental disability.

About Dental Greetings
Founded by a husband and wife duo, Dental Greetings is dedicated to providing a family approach that treats patients with the utmost care and understanding. Dental services are available throughout Virginia, Banyo, Wavell Heights, Boondall, Toombul, Zillmere, Nudgee, Nudgee Beach, Northgate, Nundah, Geebung and all surrounding suburbs on the Brisbane north side. Dental Greetings will change the way you think of dentists and we aim to make any dental phobia a thing of the past. Connect with Dental Greetings on Facebook and Instagram.

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