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Brightmail Intensifies Fight Against Spam in Asia Pacific With Multi-Million Dollar Investment

Anti-Spam Leaders entry into Asia Pacific welcomed by customers and industry bodies alike

Anti-spam technology leader, Brightmail, today announced a multi-million dollar investment in the Asia Pacific region with the opening of its headquarters in Sydney, Australia and the introduction of new Brightmail Logistics Operations Centres (BLOCs) in Sydney and Taiwan.
With spam levels already exceeding 60 percent* of all Internet e-mail and Asia representing the fastest growing region for the development of spam, Brightmails investment is critical to supporting not only its existing customer base, but also the growing number of enterprises needing to manage this acute problem.
Based on the statistics from our Probe Network, we estimate spam levels will reach 70 percent by the end of 2004, so enterprises and ISPs have a major issue that they need to address and fast, said Enrique Salem, president and CEO of Brightmail. It will take a combination of education, industry and international collaboration, and best of breed technology to mitigate the spam problem. Brightmails unparalleled filtering technologies, global infrastructure and industry relationships will play a key role in controlling spam.
As the leading anti-spam vendor, Brightmail sees and stops more spam messages than any other anti-spam providerblocking over 1 billion spam messages daily. Because Brightmail has been fighting spam for the past six years, the company is in a unique position to not only track the volume and profiles of spam messages, but to expose the techniques that spammers use to launch attacks against email users.
Its patented Probe Network of literally millions of decoy email accounts monitors the latest spam email trends and attacks as soon as they enter the Internet. The combination of the Probe Network, Brightmails patented multi-layered anti-spam software technology, and the BLOC (Brightmail Logistics and Operations Center) enables quick, accurate and effective defense for email users from new forms of spam whenever they appear. In fact, new spam blocking filters are automatically sent out to Brightmail customers every ten minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring they are protected whenever new spam attacks strike.
The two new BLOCs in Sydney and Taiwan, in addition to its existing facilities in the USA and Ireland, ensure Brightmail offers the most comprehensive protection across the globe. The new Asia Pacific BLOCs will also enable Brightmail to detect and block the Asian language spam and provide constant monitoring of all spam activities by providing 24x7x365 coverage to customers across the region.
Commenting on Brightmails entry into the region, John Haydon of Australian Communications Authority said, Were extremely pleased to work alongside companies like Brightmail in addressing the problem of spam. Our multi-layered approach to combating the global nuisance of spam builds on the new legislation. It includes education, development of industry codes of practice and technical counter-measures in which Brightmail specialises.
Brightmails support is part of the end-users armoury to remove spam from the Internet whilst avoiding the collateral damage of incorrectly blocking legitimate email is a key part of this approach," he added.
Brightmail is already working closely with a number of government bodies including Australian Communications Authority (ACA), Internet Industry Association (IIA), National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) and Australian Hi-Tech Crime Centre (AHTCC), to support the legislation and industry as a whole in reducing the incidence of spam.
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