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How to get rid of the bowl of crap

Announcement posted by 360PR 01 Oct 2019

How to get rid of the bowl of crap!
A how-to guide from interiors expert Justine Wilson
Media Release - October 2019
Any household who claims they don’t have a bowl of crap or drop zone, deserves a medal. Daily items such as mail, keys and phone chargers alone can create unsightly clutter around the home. Thankfully, Property Stylist Justine Wilson has some functional, yet stylish ways to tackle the problem.
“When decluttering our homes, a great place to start is by looking at the everyday items we surround ourselves with. We all have that one bowl, on our hallway console, or on our kitchen island, that always seems to be constantly overflowing with a mish-mash of personal items such as mail, keys, phone chargers, hair ties and the like. It’s this collection of random, yet essential everyday items that poses as a real eyesore, and is perhaps in my belief, more in need of sorting than those big-ticket items such as garages and wardrobes,” says Justine.
Justine’s top organisation and storage tips include:
Storage Boxes: While originally designed to store your laundry, Kmart’s woven basket range will work wonders for organisation, especially if you have earthy-style, natural interiors. Following the recommendations of expert organiser Marie Kondo herself, you can put smaller boxes inside to further organise your items. The lids will also come in handy for keeping any unsightly mess hidden away!
Multi-purpose Storage Tins: Perfect for a modern-feel home, look for white multi-pack tin sets with clean lines and built-in dividers, Kmart, Target and IKEA have good options. Use them to organise your belongings into categories, then pop the lid on and slide it under the counter, and you won’t even notice that it’s there.
Baskets: You can’t go wrong with a nice basket. Pile your items in and hide them away under the kitchen counter or kitchen table – no one will ever know. Lids will come in handy to disguise your items, or you can even cover it with a nice cushion or throw on top. Freedom has a great selection.
Move it: A really simple solution. Move your daily items off the countertop and into a hallway console or kitchen drawer, removing any visible clutter from your view. If you choose this option, drawer dividers are a must and will certainly help stow away all your messy items, try the Skubb compartment box from IKEA.
“Don’t let clutter cause you stress! Find a practical and attractive solution that’s suitable for your space and keep it compact. Remember, the more space you have, the more tempted you’ll be to fill it!” adds Justine.
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