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Australian natural skincare brand awards customers with new subscription service

Samson and Charlie respond to customer needs

Australian natural skincare brand Samson and Charlie have adapted their business model to reward their customers. By introducing a skincare subscription service, the brand offers loyal buyers a value-added, easy payment option to make great-looking skin easier to maintain. The move is an agile response to the constant evolution of the online retail marketplace, helping the brand become a leader in Australian natural skincare. 

The brand’s subscription service offers customers 30% off their purchases, allowing buyers to choose how often they will receive their favorite products. Customers can choose from regular home delivery every two, three or four months, depending on how quickly they use their skincare. There’s no obligation to the service, and customers can cancel or modify their subscription at any time. 

We want to make it easier for our loyal customers to access quality skincare without it costing the earth. We have changed our business model to achieve this for them,” said Samson and Charlie founder, Carole Staeck.

The brand’s subscription option is a smart response to the retail market’s ever-growing agile payment solutions. One of these payment gateways is Afterpay. 35% of Samson and Charlie’s customers use payment provider Afterpay to complete their purchases. After observing this trend, the brand knew they needed to offer another payment solution. 

We know our customers want flexibility in how they shop, so we created the skincare subscription service,” said Staeck.


Thanks to constant conversation with their fans on social media, Samson & Charlie discovered a key frustration: When customers finished a beloved product but forgot to order a new one, their skin suffered in the down time. The subscription service allows customer to receive their favorite product within chosen time periods, ensuring there is no gap between product usage times. 

Commencing in October, Samson and Charlie have begun a three-month trial of their online skincare subscription service. Dedicated to their customers, professionalism and the ever-changing online marketplace, the service places Samson and Charlie ahead of the curve in the world of natural skincare.