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OrbitRemit Is Now Offering A Nepalese Cash Pickup Service

October 9, 2019

From: OrbitRemit, www.orbitremit.com

Contact: Robbie Sampson, info@orbitremit.com

With the ongoing success of their Nepalese online money transfer service, OrbitRemit has partnered with NIC Asia to broaden their offering and include a cash pickup service in Nepal.

Their new relationship will facilitate same day money transfers, with the NIC Asia network acting as the pickup locations.

OrbitRemit CEO Robbie Sampson says:

“Our Nepalese customers have been asking for a cash pickup service, so we’ve answered their call by creating a partnership with NIC Asia. We’re positive that the new partnership will ensure security and speed of our customers money transfers with the convenience of a large network of pickup locations.”

By expanding their offering to the hardworking Nepalese communities around the world, OrbitRemit is confident they are providing an essential service that adds value to the Nepalese people’s day to day financial needs.

“We really want to facilitate a great service to the Nepalese community and a cash pickup service seems like a natural extension to what is already offered. Customers can expect the same 24/7 customer support and competitive exchange rates that we always offer, with the convenience of more flexibility with their payment options.”


Says Sampson.

OrbitRemit is hoping that the extension of their money transfer service will give their Nepalese customers the convenience of flexibility and provide new customers with a fast, secure and dependable service.

The cash pickups can be arranged by registering on OrbitRemit’s website or visiting the App or Android store and downloading their mobile application.

OrbitRemit has hundreds of thousands of happy customers with send locations in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom and are an Asia Pacific Deloitte Fast 500 Technology finalist.