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The Genius Sunburn Hack

To provide relief for sunburnt skin and reduce peeling – after sun treatment

With the warmer weather fast approaching, more time is being spent outdoors in the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can lead to sunburn. With BodyPlus Skin Oil you can help to relieve burns, prevent and reduce peeling and redness with the use of one genius body oil. BodyPlus Skin Oil is the ultimate sunburn hack; it helps repair and rejuvenate the skin’s natural defence barrier to protect the skin and increase moisture retention.
CEO of McGloins Supertex, Nick Barnes says, “BodyPlus Skin Oil is formulated with Ceramide and Vitamin E, the essential nutrients when it comes to preventing and treating sunburn. BodyPlus Skin Oil will help relieve the burning sensation from sunburn and can prevent your skin from peeling if applied regularly in the healing process.”
Ceramide and Vitamin E provide the essential nutrients to lock in moisture and promote hydration for a smoother complexion which is vital in the skin’s rejuvenation after damaging sun exposure. BodyPlus Skin Oil doesn’t leave a greasy layer on your skin but rather absorbs into the skin, allowing for deeper nourishment and hydration.  
Simply massage BodyPlus Skin Oil in a circular motion on the affected sunburnt area. For optimal results, it is recommended to apply BodyPlus Skin Oil twice daily to allow for intense hydration to safely treat burns and delicate, healing skin and to further prevent and reduce the chance of peeling.

BodyPlus Skin Oil has numerous other key benefits including:
  • Everyday moisturiser
  • Safely treats stretch marks
  • Treats sunburn
  • Lightens dark spots
  • Heals drying fingernails
  • Reverses premature skin aging
  • Acts as cleansing agent
  • Soothes pain from cold sores
  • Suitable for men and women of all ages
  • Helps to treat eczema
High in Vitamin E and Ceramides, use BodyPlus Skin Oil as an intensive face and body moisturiser, bath oil or after sun treatment.
BodyPlus Skin Oil is available for RRP $19.95 at selected pharmacies or online: