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The Idea Shed brings augmented reality to toddler milk drink, Oli6

:  Independent creative agency, The Idea Shed, has produced an augmented reality experience across Digital, Social Media/Mobile for Nuchev Food’s toddler milk drink, Oli6.


In Australia the infant formula category is hugely competitive and the goat formula segment of which Oli6 leads, makes up a very small percentage of the total category.

To date there has been a lack of education and presence of the category, and mothers’ fear of making the wrong decision in choosing a formula for their baby.


A recent RMIT University research study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition,

showed that goat’s milk has 14 natural prebiotics, 5 of which are the same found in human milk.  These prebiotics increase the growth of beneficial bacteria and reduce the incidence of harmful bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella.


The challenge for The Idea Shed’s Melbourne office was to deliver the benefits of Oli6 in an engaging way while providing mums with the confidence that this product is ‘naturally the smarter choice’.


Rich McCrum, General Manager of The Idea Shed Melbourne said: “A multilingual and interactive platform, AR was the perfect choice for us to engage Aussie and Chinese mums for their latest campaign. It enabled us to control content in different markets remotely and display specific content depending on the region.”  

Shoppers can scan the Oli6 product (or directed via social media) and the experience will automatically load. The augmented tin displays in the user’s camera environment and the animated menu will load for them to explore at their own pace. The menu includes an interactive 360 tour of the Oli6 farm, particularly important for mums who are drawn to the ‘natural’ landscapes of Australia, associating Australia with good health. 

Rhys Denny, Head of Marketing at Nuchev said: “Oli6 plays in an incredibly complicated and highly regulated category.  Not only did The Idea Shed find a solution to navigate through this complexity, but the AR APP delivers a consumer friendly, highly engaging and fun mode of communication with all our core target audiences, which we believe will deliver significant awareness and education around the brand benefits.”

Rich McCrum added: “As one of our longest standing clients, we’ve loved the challenge of developing innovative solutions to overcome Oli6’s regulatory restraints.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the TIS and Oli6 partnership as Oli6 continues to lead the goat infant nutrition market in Australia and beyond.”

View the campaign here View Oli6 AR Campaign




Agency Team:

Nigel Hooker   - Creative Director

Rich McCrum  - General Manager, Melbourne

Elkie Pieterse  - Production Manager


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