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Australian Trading Firm Launches “Fast Track Program” for New FX Traders

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 23 October, 2019 – The award-winning trading educator Learn to Trade is once again making headlines in Australia for its success in the forex trading field. This time, the company has taken it upon itself to train 50 students from across Australia through what it calls the Forex FastTrack Project 2019.

In short, Learn to Trade’s new initiative aims to take 50 students from all walks of life – teachers, carpenters, nurses, and others – and equip them with the tools and knowledge they need to successfully trade the foreign exchange (aka. forex) market. 

The plan is then to carefully track how long it takes the students to reach $200,000 in profits – an almost unheard-of accomplishment for anyone outside of the world of professional trading. And best of all is that Learn to Trade is still accepting applicants for this year’s program, although spots are quickly being filled up.

The whole initiative is sponsored by Learn to Trade’s founder, the legendary British forex trader Greg Secker, who will personally supervise the students’ progress. 

In the course, students can expect to learn everything from currency market basics, to the difference between technical and fundamental analysis, as well as crucial risk management techniques. Lastly, the students will also get exclusive access to some of the best and most profitable trading strategies Learn to Trade has developed over years of research.

Mr. Greg Secker originally founded Learn to Trade in London in 2003 after retiring from his job as Vice President at major Wall Street investment bank Mellon Financial. Since then, Mr. Secker has seen the company grow beyond what anyone could imagine. Today, Learn to Trade has offices in London, South Africa, and the Philippines, in addition to its heavy presence in Sydney, Australia. 

Since its formation 16 years ago, well over 250,000 students globally have been through either the company’s introductory forex trading course, its one-to-one forex mentoring sessions, or its trader coaching programs.

Additionally, Learn to Trade has won a number of awards over the years, including CFI.co’s Most Transformative Forex Education Program award for the third consecutive year, and is now widely considered the world’s leading forex trading education company.

To learn more about what Learn to Trade offers, or to sign up for the Forex FastTrack Project 2019, visit Learn to Trade online or contact one of their staff members via email at info@learntotrade.com.au or by phone on (02) 8412 6000.