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Beyond IT - Certified Scrum Master Training has a Wider Business Focus

Project Laneways’ APMG-ABC Scrum Master Certification allows practitioners to gain a deeper understanding of the Scrum framework and how to become an effective Scrum master.

Their course in September was successful and trained professionals to facilitate scrum events and help product owners manage the back log.

The next Certified Scrum Master course at Project Laneways is taking place on December 5th and 6,th  2019. The course has no pre-requisites. It is suitable for portfolio, programme and project managers interested in moving to an agile approach, anyone who works in teams with high workloads and anyone who works alongside or within Scrum teams. This course has a wider business focus, looking at Scrum’s application beyond IT and software development. 

The 2019 Scrum Master salary report released recently under the name Scrum Master Trends reveals that a certification has an impact on both the skills and the salary for professionals. Essentially, the aim of certification is to help practitioners learn so that they can improve their skills. When Scrum Masters and other agile practitioners expand their skill set, they are able to examine and alter areas which are in need of growth. In essence, certification is an important part of validating growth, and it’s the growth itself which leads to higher overall salaries for those who seek out accreditation.

One of the new factors investigated by this report is the prevalence of combinations of different Agile frameworks. As it stands, many corporations and organisations already have various Agile frameworks in place, or have used them in the past. Any given Scrum Team or organisation can use Scrum to build on existing Agile structures, or use other Agile workflow systems to customise Scrum. This shows that there is no silver bullet when it comes to choosing an agile framework. Organisations are choosing the frameworks that work best for their teams, and often adding practices from the broad variety available to help define their overall process.

APMG-ABC Scrum Master Certification does not expire and it does not need to be retaken annually.  To know more about Agile Project Management training in Melbourne, visit Project Laneway’s website.


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