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Say goodbye to all those nasties and hello to fresh and flawless skin

Say goodbye to all those nasties and hello to fresh and flawless skin this spring! L’Action Paris has two products that are guaranteed visible results, introducing the Pore Reducing Cream and Scar Reducing Oil.
Marketing Coordinator of McGloins Supertex, Shima Shahbazi says, “These products are essential to obtain beautiful skin that looks and feels great. L’Action’s Pore Reducing Cream leaves skin soft and perfectly nourished without any shine, while the Scar Reducing Oil restores the texture of the skin, reduces blemishes and leaves you with a fresh, clean and flawless complexion. I’ve even used it on a burn scar – within two months it was completely gone! It really works.”
  • L’Action Paris – Pore Reducing Cream
The 1-minute solution cream can be applied to all skin types and is suitable for combination skin and can be worn under makeup application. The cream is formulated with pineapple, passionfruit and raisin extracts, this cream refines and smoothes the texture of your skin. Fruit acids create an intense repairing formula that helps unclog and tighten pores and the mild composition absorbs excess oil, producing a mattifying effect.
  • L’Action Paris – Scar Reducing Oil
This miracle oil reduces the appearance of scars and marks through consistent usage. With a formula enriched with Rosa Mosqueta oil, a powerful moisturising agent that boosts cellular renewal, the roll-on ball design is compact and easy to use, targeting the exact area of concern. The Chilean rosehip oil contains a very high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids that act to regenerate cells and help boost their suppleness. Thanks to its retinol content, it is very beneficial in treating acne lesions and helps speed up the tissue healing process.
Currently sold in over 40 countries on four continents around the world, there are over 50 different products that are available in Australia. All products in the collection include natural active ingredients, are developed in their Paris laboratory, are dermatologically tested and are NOT tested on animals.
L’Action Paris is available online now at www.mcgloins-supertex.com.au
Social Handle: @lactionparis_au