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Loome launches Enterprise features for Microsoft Power BI

New York, USA – November 5, 2019 – Companies around the world are more determined than ever to accelerate the process of making data analytics available across the enterprise.
Loome has announced their latest release to support Enterprise Deployments of Microsoft Power BI, to help organizations better absorb the value of these data investments. 
Driving User Adoption
Loome simplifies the experience for staff to find the information they need.  By curating analytics assets for a particular job role, Loome eliminates the need to navigate different workspaces and analytics tools.
Using a central hub, staff can search for information by business theme, and quickly understand the context of a report using an intuitive data lineage and business glossary explorer.
Analytics Governance and Stewardship
Loome provides a streamlined interface to manage the publishing process for reports and dashboards across a wide variety of analytics systems.
An entire Power BI tenant can be synchronized to a central report catalog automatically without having to write any code. Reports can be staged through an approval process, ensuring minimum standards are met before publishing to a wider audience.
The Loome data catalog unifies data farmed from underlying systems such as a Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Analytics Models and other meta-data repositories making it easier to enforce data stewardship standards.
Federated Management 
Organizations often need to manage access to analytics across multiple teams, regions and internal versus external stakeholders.
Loome provides a scale-out framework to accommodate the most complex organizational structures, whilst providing a secure, unified view across different analytics repositories.
Market Leading Integration
With over 100 connectors to business applications, and native support for the leading Analytics platforms, Loome provides a unique ability to onboard information into a central hub faster than ever before.
About Loome
Loome is an Analytics Governance Suite to enable organisations to Integrate disparate data sources, Publish insights to targeted audiences, Monitor data issues and Assist staff to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

For further information, please visit www.loomesoftware.com