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Christmas Styling Guide 2019

A how-to guide from interiors expert Justine Wilson

Media Release                                                                                                                                  November 2019
As the festive season quickly approaches, now is the time to get your home ready for entertaining family and friends. Christmas decorating should be fun and creative, and 2019 is all about daring to be different and trying new things. Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors, shares her top tips for getting into the Christmas spirit and styling your home this year thanks to her expertise on the latest trends.
Justine says, “Christmas to me is all about shine, snow and sparkle. As we live in the Southern Hemisphere, I choose a snow look tree to bring in some winter magic. This year, my favourite Christmas palette is fairly neutral with mixed metallics. Even my dogs (JJ pictured) were extra excited to get into the Christmas spirit this year!”

Justine’s top tips for interior styling this Christmas season include:
  1. Mix your metallic ornaments – don’t make the rookie error and stick to one metallic! This season you can be fearless and mix them up! Gold, bronze, silver and rose gold look very pretty together.
  2. Use glass ornaments – glass is trending as it helps to enhance the sparkle as fairy lights reflect through the glass for a unique look. There’s plenty of options out there in glass ahead of Christmas this year, more than previous years.
  3. Try some glitter ornaments or ornaments with an aged appearance – by using these, it helps to tell a story through your Christmas tree. Try combining old and new ornaments this year for a layered and interesting look.
  4. Scaling is key – say goodbye to any Christmas trees with ornaments all the same size and style! Justine loves playing with scale on her tree by using giant baubles in contrast with tiny ones. A spontaneous mixture works well, adds dimension and is expected to be a key element in Christmas tree styling this year.
  5. The pro 3D effect – a pro tip for decorating enthusiasts! Ensure you put decorations deep into the tree, not just around the outside. By doing this, your tree will look not only look fuller, but it will also catch the lights more for a ‘3D look’.
  6. Add some twinkle lights – use twinkle lights beyond your tree! Twinkle lights always bring Christmas cheer. Battery operated LED lights look great as a table centrepiece, or on bookshelves for extra sparkle. Think of other interesting places around the home where you could add some twinkle!
  7. Create a table centrepiece – for a simple table centrepiece, get a glass bowl and fill with baubles to match the tree décor. Sometimes simplicity is the most beautiful way.
  8. Gleam with theme – once you’ve chosen your theme, carry it across the table and create other vignettes to create unity in your home. Your kitchen bench, console or buffet are good areas to do an Christmas cluster. Try a small tree, and group with candles and loose large ornaments together.
  9. Finish with greenery – it always feels Christmassy to have some greenery around the house.  Try some deep green or frost green foliage in vases to makee a simple yet impactful display.
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