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BlueAnt Burleigh: Powerful and Portable

• The Burleigh Portable Speaker is the most flexible and affordable wireless speaker in its class • Rich audio is perfect for the beach and/or a BBQ, as well as at home as a stand-in soundbar • Grammy-winning technology and patented psycho-bass provides s

Melbourne – November 18, 2019 – Australian audio pioneers, BlueAnt, are set to shake up the sounds of summer with the launch of its flagship portable Bluetooth speaker, the Burleigh.

BlueAnt’s new-age boom box will bring the company’s patented “psycho-bass” to beaches and barbeques across Australia. The Burleigh has been developed with a focus on exceptional sound and sports Grammy-winning DSP software, intelligent volume stabilisers for smooth output levels, and Stereo Spatial enhancement ensuring users have the best seat inside or outside the house, no matter where they’re seated.

The Burleigh is being sold at select Telstra stores either outright at $240, or for added flexibility and convenience, new and existing Telstra post-paid customers can add the Burleigh to their plan as a monthly repayment of just $10 a month over 24 months (with 36-month plans also available). At either price point, the Burleigh is the best value product available on the market in its class of premium portable Bluetooth speakers.

Sleek, splashproof (IP54) and rugged, the Burleigh has been designed with the outdoors in mind but is also at home in the home, fitting aesthetically anywhere and with the ability to double as a soundbar for TVs with Bluetooth or auxiliary connections.

Developed by a team of expert sound engineers, the Burleigh packs a punch that belies its price point.

“All people need to do is listen to the sound coming from the Burleigh and they’ll be hooked,” said Taisen Maddern, CEO and founder of BlueAnt Wireless. “With a flexible payment offering through Telstra, people keen to get outdoors this summer with superior bass and comfort won’t have to resort to their credit cards or savings to get their hands on a premium offering.”

With global sales approaching 8.5 million products and counting, BlueAnt believes in creating an immersive, stylish listening experience that can withstand the rigours of an active lifestyle at a price point accessible for everyone.

  • Powerful 40-watt Bluetooth Speaker
  • 100dB+ SPL output of dynamic high-quality audio
  • 20 hours play time
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Psycho-acoustic bass extension
  • 3 EQ modes tuned by studio engineers
  • Micro-SD card and aux-cord playback options
  • Rapid charge AC adaptor
  • IP54 splash-proof
  • Carry strap
  • 2 x 76mm mid/bass drivers, 2 x 35mm tweeters, 2 x passive radiators
  • Advanced Grammy Award winning DSP software
  • Expertly Tuned by Studio Engineers
  • User Defined Equalisation with 3 EQ Modes
  • Patented psycho-acoustic bass extension for deeper richer lows
  • Crystal, clear high frequency enhancement
  • Surgically precise paragraphic equalizer
  • Sophisticated dynamics compensation for increased volume without artefacts
  • Intelligent volume stabilizers for smooth output levels
  • Stereo Spatial enhancement providing listeners with the best seat in the house

An Australian technology success story, BlueAnt – based in Melbourne – designs and tests products at its state-of-the-art R&D facility. With more than 16 years’ experience and over 8.5m products sold globally, BlueAnt’s products punch above their weight and provide incredible sound at an affordable price.

The company believes that sound should not come at a cost that burns a hole in the wallet, and began developing a plan in which customers could flexibly pay for the Burleigh either upfront or, critically ahead of the Christmas rush, over time by tacking on the cost to a Telstra customer’s monthly phone bill.

“Making superior sound accessible to everyone has always been our aim, from our light and affordable Pump Air 2 to our flagship Bluetooth speaker, the Burleigh,” said Maddern. “The flexible structure at select Telstra stores allows more people to access exceptional technology, at a monthly price point that won’t break the bank.”

The Burleigh is available at select Telstra stores from November 18.

BlueAnt is a respected Australian consumer electronics and audio lifestyle brand with over eight million devices sold to-date. The company has a track record of innovative product design and exponential growth, with products currently retailing in over 20 countries. BlueAnt has supplied many of the world’s top consumer electronics retailers.

BlueAnt was founded by Taisen Maddern in 2003 and pioneered hands-free Bluetooth products in Australia, developing the first dual microphone Bluetooth headset, before entering the US market.