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How to get your rental application to the top of the list

On the hunt for a new dream home rental but keep getting knocked back by the Real Estate Agents? Kate Sommervelle, Principal and Director of Ayre Real Estate – Millers Point shares her insider advice on what agents are looking for and tips to get an application to the top of the list.
With over 22 years’ experience in Property Management, Kate knows exactly what she’s looking for when marrying a rental property to a new tenant. Kate says, “It’s pretty simple, do your homework and be prepared before you start inspecting properties and submitting your applications.
“The more proof you can provide of your income status, past tenancy history and any other items that help to support your character as an ideal tenant choice for the landlord, the better. Also, make sure you speak to the agent at the open, introduce yourself and talk to them about your requirements. At the end of the day, when all the boxes are ticked if it’s between you and another applicant, the decision is likely to be decided by the owner based on the information at hand, so make sure you put your best foot forward,” said Kate.
Kate’s top tenancy application tips include:
  • Written references – The more the better. Include both personal, business, employment and previous agents you’ve rented from. Plus, bonus points if you can provide one from someone with a bit of clout.
  • Tenant ledger – This should be a simple request for your previous rental agency, it gives a good indication of the type of renter you are. Also ask for a reference from the owners of the property you rented.
  • Proof of home ownership – This only applies to those who have not rented before but is crucial to prove that you have the ability to pay the rent.
  • Bank statements – The past six months is ideal.
  • Three recent payslips – Make sure they are actually recent and not from months or years ago.
  • Employment history – Include your resume to demonstrate your employment history, we can also find this on LinkedIn so be honest.
  • Great personality!
“It can be very competitive to secure a rental property in a competitive marketplace, so do your due diligence and it will pay off,” adds Kate.
About Ayre Real Estate:
Ayre Real Estate has been founded by multi-award-winning Real Estate Agent, Adrian Wilson, a pioneer in the Sydney City apartment market with nearly 20 years’ experience and perhaps one of the most strategic thought leaders in the industry. The Sydney City apartment specialists, delivers apartment focused services that are smarter and simpler, yet deliver beyond expectations for both owners and landlords while elevating the lives of the clients and communities they work in.