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Full Car Detailing Services Available in New South Wales

OurMobileCarDetailer is providing Wagga Wagga full detailing services for their vehicles.

Mount Austin, Wagga Wagga: OurMobileCarDetailer just opened its new body shop in Mount Austin, Wagga Wagga that offers a full array of detailing services for all types of vehicles. The company is offering the residents of Wagga Wagga the convenience of having their cars detailed with minimum hassle and maximum outcome. Their services can be succinctly summarised by their slogan, “Get a showroom shine, every time.” You can have your car thoroughly washed and waxed and enjoy the new car feel any time.

OurMobileCarDetailer has been operating in different parts of Australia for a long time and has recently opened up its operations in Wagga Wagga to offer the people a truly comfortable ride!

Mia Baldwin, a happy customer, expressed her joy after using their services:

‘I was fed up paying money to car detailing companies with poor services until my brother suggested “Our Mobile Car Detailer”. I was extremely happy to find out that not only was the staff skillful, they were also very courteous. They have the most reliable services in Wagga that I have ever seen. They really do what they say!’

Mobile car detailing of this quality is still new to South Wales. OurMobileCarDetailer is providing full-fledged services that promise the new car feel and smell every time. Described as a one-stop-shop for all car detailing services, the company is providing all its customers high quality tyre dressing, shiny exteriors, full engine cleaning and car seat vacuuming as part of the whole detailing package.

The services that customers can take advantage of, are:

        Cleaning of exterior plastics and glossing rubbers

        Cleaning of interior door panels

        Detailing and rejuvenating the dashboard and console

        Treating tyres and overall mud flaps

        Cleaning wheels

        Providing chrome polish

        Full exterior car polish done by hand or machine

        Drying chamois

        Hand washing and chamois dry

        High-pressure water spray

        Full cleaning of windows

        Vacuuming the boot

        Cleaning ashtrays

        Deodorizing the interior

        Treating door rubbers

        Cleaning door jambs

        Detailing car mats

        Cleaning overall carpets and seats

        Full vacuuming and shampoo

OurMobileCarDetailer takes pride in its highly skilled team, knowledge gleaned from years of experience, the detailing process as well as their attention to detail.


This is what you can expect when you go in for a full experience:

• STEP 1

First of all, the interior is completely detailed. The team takes out all the mats and the rubbish that has accumulated over time. Then plastic sheets are laid down on the dashboard to protect it while the upholstery and the interior surface is sprayed, washed, and deep cleaned.

• STEP 2

Once the interior is taken care of, the expert professionals turn their attention to the exterior. First, the exterior is power washed with hoses and painted according to the customers’ preference. Once it is done, the entire exterior is polished to give the car a gleaming and smooth look. The last step is the waxing that is an additional protection for the exterior of the car.

• STEP 3

The third step is the dressing of the tyres. All the tyres are given a rough cleaning and then sprayed by non-toxic chemicals to take all the dirt off. The tyres are then individually power washed and cleaned all over.

• STEP 4

The last step is the cleaning of the engine. Our experts are highly skilled at this part and make sure that your engine is protected throughout the process. First any debris trapped in the grill, the hood, or the vent openings is removed by hand. Then all the sensors, exposed wiring, and openings are carefully covered. Then the engine is thoroughly cleaned. Once the cleaning is done, the engine is wiped down exhaustively with clean towels. Finally a coat of non-toxic engine cleaner is sprayed and buffed to give your engine the showroom shine.

OurMobileCarDetailer not only offer detailing services but also provide full headlight restoration as well. They refinish the old lenses in a car to make them look brand new.

Lindsey Hyde has used their detailing services many times and she has been very satisfied with the result:

‘I asked them for full car detailing. They did an absolutely great job. I am really impressed by their quality services. My car looked just as good as the time I bought it.’

For further information about Car Wash Wagga Wagga, contact:

Address: 8 Beltana Ave Mount Austin, Wagga Wagga 2650

Phone: 0411620771

Email: Darrylblack89@gmail.com

About OurMobileCarDetailer

OurMobileCarDetailer is a premium car detailer company offering the best car detailing services in Mount Austin. They started with humble beginnings and have since dominated the car detailing industry. They have qualified and trained professionals who work with the latest equipment to provide quality services. OurMobileCarDetailer prioritizes their customer’s satisfaction above all else and pay full attention to any feedback which is given. The company is known for giving scalable and astounding results at the most affordable rates. Restore your car to its showroom look now!