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The Idea Shed creates disruption and impact to educate dog owners on Ivory Coat Wholegrain

Independent creative agency, The Idea Shed, has created a new campaign to introduce dog owners to the new healthy

option available through the Real Pet Food Company, Ivory Coat Wholegrain.


Although Ivory Coat is the number one grain free brand in the pet speciality channel, the company recognise that dogs love variety when it comes to meal time. By launching Ivory Coat Wholegrain dog food, with dry and chilled options, the brand is able to guarantee that no matter the reason, there is an Ivory Coat product that will appeal to your pet.

Consumers treat their dogs like part of the family and gain fulfilment from seeing them thrive.  However, they also recognise that dogs will be dogs and embrace their natural animal instincts.  With this in mind, The Idea Shed team created a series of animal-centric visuals celebrating dogs exhibiting this natural animal behaviour and combined it with tailored messaging to ensure it was contextually relevant to the specific touchpoint.

The campaign delivers impact with the disruptive ‘butt-sniff’ visual and dual headline. Not only does the image give a point of difference when compared to category norms, it brings to life the key benefit of supporting good gut health in a simple and visual way, making it an easy get for the consumer. In addition to this, against the back drop of increased humanisation of animals, The Idea Shed’s creative is deliberately animal-centric and delivers its core message with clever wit and personality.

Real Pet Food Company’s Channel Marketing Manager, Jacqueline Nalder said: “Our pets have individual needs, just like us. We recognise there is no “one size fits all” food, which is why we have launched our wholegrain range for dogs, with varieties across both dry and now chilled options. It’s an easy way to look after your dog’s overall gut health and offers an alternative to our grain free range, for those dogs without food sensitivities or allergies.”

Shopper Marketing Manager, Cheryl Griffin added: “We have worked with The Idea Shed to seamlessly bring this campaign to life across OOH, instore and digital.  We love that the campaign is packed full of personality and that good gut health is brought to life through the lens of those behaviours animals exhibit naturally.”

Also commenting on the campaign John Volckman, Co-Founder/Partner of The Idea Shed said: “While saying hello is relatively straight forward for humans, the butt-sniff is the dog’s handshake. Taking this insight, we had fun developing a campaign which shines the light on dogs being dogs. Our team has enjoyed bringing this campaign to life across the full path to purchase, identifying scenarios that show healthy dogs doing what they do best – being dogs.

It was also great that the team at Real Pet Food utilised our full scope of services to bring this Ivory Coat campaign to market. They are such a passionate group and we are enjoying working with them across a number of campaigns which we are excited to see hit the market in the new year.”



Agency Team:

The Idea Shed 


John Volckman – Co-Founder/Partner

Adrian Moore – Head of Digital 

Mike Avery - Art Director

Isabelle Slack – Junior Designer

Peita Neale – Finished Artist 

Elkie Pieterse – Studio Manager 

Dan Adams - Senior Account Director

Christine Kynoch - Account Manager



Agency Partners:


Real Pet Food Company 


Shannon Roach – Head of Marketing 

Jacqueline Nalder – Channel Marketing Manager

Cheryl Griffin – Shopper Marketing Manager 

Ashlee Beck – Assistant Brand Manager 

Kate Clarke – Digital Producer 


Rapid Media 


Danielle Hitchcock – Senior Account Director 

Cameron Brands – Director of Digital

Dawn Beaumont – Search Marketing Specialist