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5 New Year’s Pond Resolutions

Make 2020 The Best Year For your Pond


Did you know that 45% of people make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8% of them actually keep their resolutions? Losing weight was the most popular resolution in 2019, with “getting organized” coming in at a close second.

But why stop at making resolutions for your personal well-being? Why not make a few resolutions in 2020 geared toward your pond? Here are 5 resolutions for you to consider making this year that are sure to improve your pondering experience!

  1. Learn about your pond’s ecosystem. When you understand how all the components of your water feature work together, you’ll be better equipped to make knowledgeable choices and maintain a healthy pond. 

  2. Start your pond off right in the spring. Take a critical look at your pond in springtime and determine if you need a full clean out. If you didn’t remove leaves and debris in the autumn, then you’ll most likely need to clean it out. You can choose to do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. If your pond doesn’t need a full or partial clean out, make sure you understand which water treatments to add once the weather starts warming up.

  3. Add new plantings around the pond. So often pond owners get excited about their pond that they forget about transitioning the water feature into the rest of the landscape. Consider adding a few marginal plants to soften the edges of your pond, and then take it one step further and consider adding a few plants just outside of the pond to naturalize it.

  4. Get to know your fish. You might think you know your fish pretty well, especially if you’ve named them and visit them daily. But do you know the basics of fish health care? Consider things like thinning out your stock if the fish have babies. Cramped living conditions aren’t good for your fish … or your pond for that matter.

  5. Add something new to your pond. It’s always fun to add new elements to your outdoor living space, whether it’s a new deck or patio set. But have you ever thought of adding something to your pond? The new addition could be as simple as a waterlily or fish … or it could be a bit bigger like a new spitter, or a bridge to traverse your stream. Some pond enthusiasts like to tweak their waterfalls from time to time, which can change the sound of the water in the garden. Whatever you decide, add something new to your pond for a fresh twist.

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