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Humanitix, the not-for-profit ticketing platform, partners with Canva, integrating the Canva Button to give events impact

Humanitix today revealed their role as the first event-management platform to integrate with the Canva Button, empowering Humanitix users to create event banners using Canva, without leaving their platform.



The Canva Button is an API released by Canva that enables online platforms to give their users design superpowers.

Humanitix, a non-for-profit ticketing platform which utilises funds raised from event booking fees to fund education programs, was selected as a launch partner for the Canva Button, and is the first online ticketing platform to release the integration.

Mike Williams, product manager for the Canva Button said, “Millions of people use Canva every month to promote and showcase their events with a Canva design. We’re thrilled to see Humanitix embrace the Canva Button to help streamline the design process for their users, and give their already great event creation experience that extra edge.”

Co-CEO of Humanitix, Josh Ross said: “Canva has been a huge supporter of Humanitix’s mission to use event booking fees to close the education gap. Because Canva worked with Humanitix for their pilot roll out, we’ve been able to offer world-first event-management features to our users, who can create professional banners and promotional graphics right from within our platform. 

“It means better events, more tickets sold, and more booking fees for our education projects. It’s all about running events with impact.”

One such event organiser is CJ Holden, who uses Humanitix for events for KPMG’s High Growth Ventures and the highly acclaimed Space Series event in Byron Bay.

Says Holden: “This is a game changer for event organisers. We run events for CEOs and tech-leaders, so everything needs to be perfect and beautiful. The Canva Button on Humanitix has cut the back-and-forth with graphic designers. It’s taken the platform to a whole new level.”

Amanda Price, the Head of High Growth Ventures at KPMG commented on the partnership: “I’m so excited to see the Australian tech ecosystem coming together like this. Canva is Australia’s poster child unicorn, and Humanitix is growing so fast that they may well become the first charity unicorn. Everyone wins when high growth ventures collaborate.”

Humanitix is doubling in size every few months as event organisers and ticket buyers flock to their platform. Latest figures project more than 3 million ticket buyers visiting their platform each year. Booking fees on Humanitix have already funded 150,000 meals for disadvantaged school kids, scholarships for indigenous students, and 52,000 days of education for girls.

For Journalists: Possible story angle:

  • Tech Unicorn Canva and Tech-Charity Humanitix Team Up to Tackle the Education Gap

The team is available for interviews

Contact Adam Long, Chief Growth Officer on 0421 498 170 or adam.long@humanitix.com.au 


L2R: Joshua Ross, Cofounder at Humanitix; Cameron Adams, Cofounder at Canva; Adam McCurdie, Cofounder at Humanitix – Celebrating the launch of the Canva button - JPEG Download.


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What is Humanitix?

Humanitix is the not-for-profit ticketing platform that gives events impact. We make event management a delight, and then direct 100% of the profit from booking fees towards education projects, such as literacy programs for young girls. 

Who uses Humanitix?

Anyone running events – whether an independent community event or an international conference.

By ticketing their event with Humanitix, Singularity University funded 10,000 days of education, the Football Federation of Australia funded 2 years of girls’ education from a single match, and The Grounds of Alexandria funded 15,000 meals for disadvantaged children. 

What has Humanitix achieved?

Humanitix is now the fastest growing ticketing platform in Australia and New Zealand, and has contributed more than $400,000 to education programs. 

Why is Humanitix different?

Humanitix is an exciting case of scalable social innovation, capable of transforming both the role of business and radically growing the funding pool for education programs. It’s a charity for the tech-generation.

Why education?

We believe education is the ticket to opportunity. With access to primary and secondary schooling and the support needed to stay in school, kids live healthier, more fulfilling lives and can escape the traps of poverty. Our work ranges from scholarships for Indigenous students, through to meals for disadvantaged Aussie kids, through to education programs for young girls around the world.

How did it get started?

Humanitix was created by Joshua Ross and Adam McCurdie, who left lucrative jobs in finance to make

Humanitix happen. Funding has come from many foundations, including Google and Atlassian Foundation, as well as a range of philanthropists.

Where can I find out more?

Visit Humanitix.com   

Or contact Adam Long, Chief Growth Officer: 0421 498 170 or adam.long@humanitix.com.au 

About Canva 

Launched in 2013, Canva is an intuitive online design and publishing platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. Featuring a simple drag-and-drop user interface and a vast library of templates ranging from presentations, social media posts, posters, invitations to resumes, a huge collection of stock photography, illustrations and fonts, anyone can take an idea and create something beautiful. Canva is available on web, iOS and Android.