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"I'm Done, Get Me Out Of Here"

5 Top Tips if your Partner's New Year's Resolution is "I'm Done, Get Me Out Of Here"


The Age & Business Insider reported that January is “Divorce Month” and the first Monday back to work sees a stampede of Divorce Enquiries.


According to Cheryl Duffy, founder of “The Divorce Centre” and author of bestseller "The Divorce Tango", “there are 5 Top Tips if your partner's New Year’s resolution is "I'm Done, Get Me Out Of Here”


  1. Know your current financial position - Identify ALL Assets, debts and income

  2. Get legal advice - Have initial consultation on what your entitlements are before agreeing to anything with your ex

  3. Suggest Marriage Counselling - Try to make it work, but know it takes two to want it to

  4. Don’t move out of the house - Don’t incur increased financial burden by renting elsewhere - await legal advice on entitlements

  5. Negotiate for a fair outcome - To work to an agreeable outcome is far better than dragging it out seeking more than you are entitled to or trying to get revenge which only increases legal costs in your divorce and impacts future financial security


CHERYL DUFFY is the founder of “The Divorce Centre”, a Certified Divorce Recovery Coach, and author of the bestseller "The Divorce Tango". Having moved on after 8 years of a hellish divorce recovery, she now helps others through and beyond divorce so they can move on and create a happy life.

TO INTERVIEW CHERYL, Please contact shannon@marksonsparks.com / 0459513862