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Celebrated NLP Life Coach Holds Workshop At Teksmobile

Earlier this week, Teksmobile hosted noted NLP coach Nishi Arora and her team for a workshop session at the office premises. The session had several fun, team-building activities.

Teksmobile - a leading technology company held a workshop on ‘Team Building & Enthusiasm’ to boost the employees. The session was conducted by renowned NLP life coach Mrs. Nishi Arora. 

It was a very fun day for the people at the technology company. The session kick started on a funny note to energise the attendees and moved forward to explore the principles of team building. The day was high on motivation, there were many activities to cheer up the moods of the employees, get them away from work pressure and stress. 

The session started off with a trick question, “I need some volunteers. Who all are up?” A few of the employees were interested, few went with little hesitation and few were reluctant. And to everyone’s surprise, they all won prizes just to introduce themselves. Of course, it was to test the voluntary spirit of the employees. 

Followed by this small surprise, there was a session on ‘how to make the best of opportunities’. In the session, the employees were explained how they should hop on every opportunity they come across in their professional lives. It was a session encouraging the employees to be proactive and look for opportunities. Even if no one is giving them an opportunity, they should create their own opportunity to attain their version of success was the crux/message of the session. 

Gradually, the audience was immersing in the session, motivated to be one of the most thoughtful and entertaining audiences. And of course, when the unity activity happened, the technology company was on its toes to show their unity. They played a card game where everyone of them was given a playing card. Once they all had their cards, they had to make a team with the people having the similar cards. One of the senior members of the company recalled that it was a delight seeing everyone participating and having fun. 

During the session, the geeks were enlightened about working in unison without having the thought of jealousy and surpassing their team members. The employees said, it was something they had been following since the company’s inception. And they believe in loyalty towards the company and their team members. Also, Nishi Arora acknowledged the fact that the youngest geek in the company is just nineteen and the most experienced one in the folks have been serving for thirteen years now. Following this there was a balloon popping game which ended with a surprising yet fun result. 

The session mainly concentrated on stress management and work pressure. Nishi Arora being an experienced life coach had a good hook on the solutions to these problems. The employees were lectured on the ways to stay motivated, cheerful and positive. There was a good session on ‘content reframing’ & ‘context reframing’. In the session attendees were made familiar with the habit of seeing things in a positive way. There was an activity where the audience were given a set of situation which were demotivating in reality and the audience were challenged to give it a positive spin. Followed by which, the teks employees were set to learn empathy and show their problem solving abilities. The audience was divided into certain groups, where the person with the problem chit had to write a problem he was facing in his professional or personal lives and others from the team had to write plausible solutions to it. The Teks employees managed to find solutions to the problems like ‘how to balance between work and personal life’, ‘how to inculcate saving habits’, ‘ how to improve family relationships’. 

The whole team of teksmobile was very thankful to Mr Hussain Fakhruddin. Nishi Arora added, Hussain is one of the rarest in his kind. He is not a person who will take leverage of his position as the global CEO. He is polite with his colleagues and concerned for them. As a vote of thanks and to show their love for the global CEO of teksmobile, the whole team stood up and applauded in unison. Hussain mentioned, he is very happy with his team, they all have given a lot to the company and Teksmobile has managed to win so many milestones because of his team. 

The whole Teksmobile team also thanked the Mr and Mrs Arora for the outstanding workshop. Some of the employees mentioned they got to learn a lot. The workshop was like a fresh air for them and they will surely inculcate their learning to do better for themselves and Teksmobile. 

To know more about ethics and working culture Teksmobile Software, visit https://teksmobile.com/. To get in touch with the company’s representatives, dial +61-280385078 and/or send emails to hello@teksmobile.com.au. Teksmobile plans to organise more such sessions in future. Nishi Arora was also more than enthusiastic about future sessions at Teksmobile.