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Is your marketing strategy ready for the new decade?

A brand new decade is rapidly approaching with the advent of 2020; this is a time to make a retrospective of what the 2010s have brought but also a time to predict what the following 10 years will reveal for business in general and marketing strategies in particular. As a digital marketing agency serving clients of various sizes from different industries, at VMA we know that your main concern is devising innovative and effective marketing strategies to sell your products/services. Our team is constantly monitoring the latest digital marketing trends and is already working to implement the newest marketing strategies for 2020 – prepare yourself to be surprised:


• Shopable Posts

With social networks now integrating almost every aspect of a business’s online presence, it was expected for users to be provided at some moment the option of buying directly from social media platforms. Businesses have been waiting for years to eliminate the friction that appears when prospects need to move from social media posts to e-commerce websites in order to make a purchase, and now it is possible to create shoppable posts, enabling users to shop directly from posts with greater ease.

• Interactive Content

The focus of digital marketing in 2020 is expected to shift to interactive content, which includes polls, quizzes, augmented reality, virtual reality, shoppable posts, and 360-degree videos among others. Interactive content offers visitors an engaging experience that ensures a deeper immersion into the brand’s world and keeps prospects on the page for longer. Aside from being enjoyed more than any other type of content, interactive content is highly sharable and allows marketers to grow awareness of brands every time users share content.

• Personalisation

Generic ads are definitely out in the following decade, with personalisation being one of the most prominent marketing strategies for 2020. More and more businesses will be shifting from traditional means of advertising towards personalised marketing – meaning that organisations of all sizes will need to become able to provide the right product or service to the right person at the right time. Today’s consumers expect personalised products that are designed and manufactured as they want them to be, and these preferences can only be determined through refined measuring instruments and meaningful interactions.

• Smart Bidding in Google Ads

Smart bidding in Google Ads is expected to lead the digital marketing trends in 2020 as every marketer is obviously looking for ways to get better results for every dollar they invest in promoting a business. The improvements made possible by using machine learning will enable businesses to get maximum value out of every single conversion; bids will be better optimised and conversion actions will be easily taken at campaign level. It will even be possible to optimise bids across multiple campaigns using additional conversion actions and setting bids on auto-change when a sale stops.

• Voice search

This is not a new concept but voice search has definitely not reached its full potential yet. It is estimated that in 2020 half of all online searches will be made through voice search. Users familiar with Alexa and other smart speakers are already making many of their searches through voice apps, and businesses can simply not afford to ignore this trend. Actions that marketers need to take in order to use voice search to their advantage include optimising websites for voice searching and using long tail keywords such as “how to dress for a business meeting” instead of “business meeting outfit”.

• Lifecycle marketing

Smart marketers have been doing lifecycle marketing for ages, but the latest tools and techniques put a new light on this type of marketing and place it among the most important marketing strategies for 2020. Lifecycle marketing basically means that businesses should move their primary focus towards increasing awareness and boosting revenue from existing customers rather than concentrating all their efforts on obtaining new customer leads and prospects. Attracting new prospects is obviously important, but many businesses make the mistake of neglecting a client once they have made their first purchase – and the latest marketing tools are here to help change this deficiency.


The 2020s will definitely be an exciting decade and change the way marketing is done, in ways that are beneficial for both businesses and consumers.