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Free Forex Trading Workshops to Be Held in Australia This Month

100% free to attend

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 17 December, 2019 – Learn to Trade, the world’s leading trader education provider, is once again hosting a series of free forex trading workshops around Australia that are open for the general public.

In December, workshops will be organised in both the greater Sydney area, as well as in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. All of the events are of course 100% free to attend, with no obligations to buy any of the company’s more advanced paid trading courses.

The current schedule for December’s trading courses is as follows:

  • Brisbane CBD, QLD – Hilton: 15 December 2019

  • Sunshine Coast, QLD – Novotel Twin Waters Resort: 16 December 2019

  • Campbelltown, NSW – Catholic Club 18 December 2019

  • Bondi, NSW – Easts Leagues Club: 19 December 2019

Successful track record in trading education

Foreign exchange trading – or forex trading for short – is all about learning the skills that professionals use to generate profits from fluctuations in the exchange rates of foreign currencies. And although this sounds complicated, Learn to Trade does in fact have a successful track record when it comes to making it easy to understand, even for people with no prior experience in finance.

The company has previously trained ordinary people from teachers to nurses and retirees on how to generate a consistent side income from the forex market. And although much of it can be learned by studying materials online, nothing beats the progress seen by students who have previously attended to company’s courses. Being surrounded by professional traders and receiving one-on-one guidance is simply the best way to learn trading, most experts agree.

According to Learn to Trade, more than 250,000 people have been through the company’s initial training program globally since the beginning back in 2003. As a result, Learn to Trade has today firmly established itself as the leading trading education firm in the world.

The company has previously explained that interest in forex trading has always been high in Australia, and that this does not seem to fade away any time soon. It is also clear, however, that there is still a huge need for quality forex education in the market.

According to the company, many new traders first learn about forex trading online, but they struggle to make sense of everything they have learned, including figuring out how it all fits together. 

And this is crucial, according to Learn to Trade, since learning forex trading strategies is of no use unless the new trader also learns how to manage the risk that comes with forex trading. As some unfortunate people have already learned the hard way, a single mistake can be enough to put a trader out of business for good without proper risk management in the forex market.

Registrations are open

Learn to Trade has already opened registrations for December’s trading workshops, and are asking all those that are interested to sign up online, send an email to info@learntotrade.com.au, or call one of their friendly representatives at (02) 8412 6000.