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Ex- Soldier and bodyguard reaches 300,000 views overnight with hard truths about mental health

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24 January 2020
Ex- Soldier and bodyguard reaches 300,000 views overnight with hard truths about mental health

Goalcast headhunted his most recent talk “Make Peace With The Mirror” to broadcast to their 30 Million fans worldwide. Yes, you read correctly, 30 Million fans. Hosted alongside videos from Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith and JK Rowling, Dion Jensen’s talk “Make Peace With The Mirror” received 300,000 views overnight. Dion was chosen by Goalcast as the first speaker of the decade by the personal development powerhouse.

Dion Jensen spent his 21st birthday on deployment in Bosnia. He has been a soldier, policeman and a bodyguard in some very dangerous places. He has spent much of life protecting his mates, protecting the public, protecting himself. When he went home he had to learn how to deal with his worst enemy, himself. Dion now takes his captivating stories and powerful message directly to the people and the people are listening. Thousands of people. Right now, all over the world fans are learning how to “Make Peace With The Mirror”.

Not afraid to get raw, direct and draw on personal experience, in 2016, Dion controversially told the world the good news about post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD[1]. As an ex-soldier and sufferer, he reached other sufferers where it hurt them the most – in their homes – teaching that the power to challenge their PTSD was in their hands. In his latest message he has hit the world stage and shares how to be bold and “Make Peace With The Mirror” through his ‘VIP’ method of creating positive self-image. The method is simple and direct, focussing on values, identity and purpose.

Even more promising is that high ratios of men are connecting with Dion’s message. In a world where males are 1.8 times more likely to take their own life compared to women[2] and less likely to seek mental health support than women, Dion is cutting through with his messages. “His VIP model of mental health resonated with me – in terms of how our values, identity and purpose help define what gives us positive mental health,” says Occupational Psychologist, Dr David Beaumont. Commentary from viewers reinforces the importance of the “Make Peace With The Mirror” message with one viewer sharing “this gentleman touched my soul” and another describing the impact as “so powerful…This video is transforming”.

Dion’s goal is to reach and connect with many, many more everyday Australian and global citizens with his views on mental health and wellness systems. In a world where the tech divide is widening and sedentary lifestyle is impacting on human connection, Dion’s approach is more relevant than ever. Don’t be misled, Dion Jensen is not the ‘Aussie Tony Robbins’. “I want to redirect from myself and focus on the message.  I’m not Tony Robbins, and I’m certainly not a guru. But if you come and see me, bring a mirror and I will introduce you to one,” Dion said.


“Make Peace With The Mirror” can be viewed at www.dionjensen.com

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[1] Jensen, Dion. 2016. The Good News About PTSD. Wakefields Digital.
[2] World Health Organization. (2017). Global Health Observatory (GHO) data. World Health Organization. Retrieved from https://www.who.int/gho/mental_health/suicide_rates_male_female/en/