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Be a Change Management Expert with Project Laneways

Project Laneways is organising Change Management Courses across Australia. Change managers are responsible for the effective delivery and transition of strategic transformation projects.  With centres at Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, Project Laneways provides the latest knowledge and expertise in the field change management training, agile project management courses, programme management, and Better Business Cases.

Change managers   monitor, manage and enhance the change management practices within organisations. They also have to champion and provide support and guidance to staff to increase change management capability and maturity.

Change leads determine the successful implementation of organisation-wide transformation projects. They have to constantly engage with stakeholders and need to be able to communicate effectively by partnering with leaders, key stakeholders and staff so that initiatives are implemented on time and are effective.

The  Change Management Foundation course covers all aspects of change including how individuals learn and react to change, approaches to organisational change, best practices in communications and stakeholder engagement, and how to prepare for change and deal with resistance. The course also includes a short discussion on the Prosci ADKAR® methodology and compares it to other approaches.  The next foundation course is taking place on 29th to 31st January 2020.

The advanced Change Management Practitioner course provides a deeper knowledge of the principles of change management, and provides an understanding of how to implement and sustain change in organisations. This qualification is endorsed by the Change Management Institute who recognise the practitioner level as fully meeting the knowledge requirements for their accreditations. The next practitioner course is taking place on the 6th and 7th of February 2020.

Project Laneways corporate training is carefully structured to help executives understand how to keep abreast of the rapidly changing environment.  The courses provide knowledge on how to review the impact of change on the business unit and ensure that people impacted by the introduction of new structures, processes and technology are accepting and ready for the changes.

Change managers need a solid understanding of how people go through a change and the change process and have the ability to influence others and move towards a common vision or goal. The courses help these professionals master how to take businesses on a journey and ensure they maintain organisational awareness and engagement during these times.


For more information:  https://www.project-laneways.com.au/

For all enquiries, call Melbourne 1300 778 389 or email enquiries@project-laneways.com.au