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Book Your Online Driver Training Course in the New Year With SharpDrive

Educated drivers bring a lot of value to organisations that have a mobile workforce, and when drivers are kept up-to-date on safety protocols, and are always attentive to safe driving practices, they avoid the dangers of the road and save their employers time, energy, and money. The New Year is a good time to book your drivers into one of SharpDrive’s online driver training courses.

The best way to bring your drivers up to that standard is to implement a driver training programme, as fully-educated drivers are more adept at handling vehicles in any number of conditions they may face. Not only does training ensure your employees are protected – it lowers the costs your company may incur for vehicle maintenance and replacement.

SharpDrive’s course is a uniquely designed innovation in online driver training — with research and development headed by expert driving trainers.

SharpDrive training is focused where it counts - attitudes and behaviours of driving, because statistically that's how the majority of accidents occur - fatigue, stress, mobile phone use and inattention to name a few.

It improves your drivers' knowledge of the best driving practices, and reducing risks on the road, and it is also an ideal catalyst for organisations wishing to lower their fleet running costs, gain effective health and safety compliance and reduce their fleet crash rate.

SharpDrive not only enhances safety behind the wheel, it helps drivers improve their fuel economy, reduce wear and tear on tyres and engines, and learn to be "greener" drivers. In fact, in a few short months SharpDrive graduates recover the low cost of driver training with the savings they make through better, safer and more economical driving.

SharpDrive are the driver training programme of choice by leading organisations across Australia and New Zealand, so for more information on advanced driver training NZ, driver safety online courses and online driver safety courses please go to http://www.sharpdrive.co.nz .