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Mellissa Larkin named as Finalist in Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2020

Announcement posted by The Big Smoke Media 14 Feb 2020

Founder and Managing Director of innovative young South Australian legal and consulting firm, Peripheral Blue, has been announced as a state finalist in the 2020 Telstra Business Women's Awards in the category of Small Business.

Since the firm’s launch in 2016, Larkin has been widely recognised, both locally and nationally, as an advocate for systemic change in the Australian legal industry.  

In response to the announcement, she said “I’m thrilled to have been acknowledged by these prestigious awards for the impact we’ve made within the legal industry,” adding that “because I am committed to campaigning for change across the legal sector, being named as a Finalist gives me an amazing platform from which to continue to share our important message.”

Larkin’s vision in founding Peripheral Blue was to disrupt the legal and professional services industries by giving clients access to top tier, responsive legal and advisory services flexibly, and affordably.

“I stepped away from a successful twenty year career in corporate law to start the business.” she explained. “I envisioned a transformation of the traditional legal model's pyramid structure and high partner profit shares, a firm free from bullying and harassment, and the culture of overwork and exhaustion that has long characterised the legal industry.”

Additionally, as a mother of three, Larkin knows how hard it can be to maintain what she calls the ‘work-life blend’.  “Balance is illusive,” she says. 

“So it's vital that I champion and empower all my team - especially women - by making their working environment as positive and flexible as it needs to be for them to get their jobs done, enabling them, in turn, to give back to our clients and the industry.

“I hope that in having reinvented my ideal professional life, building a business which brings real value to staff and clients, but which affords me the flexibility to be present for and stay connected with my family, I can inspire others to do the same. “

“I want to encourage women to take charge of their lives and ‘back’ their abilities. If something isn’t working, women should be supported to make the changes necessary to create the life they want while still having a rewarding and impactful career.”

For Peripheral Blue, it’s a win-win scenario as their clients get the best possible service and top-tier advice and staff get the flexibility to design their own work-life balance. And as a business owner, Mellissa has embraced her responsibility to lead by example for others in the legal industry.

There were over 22,000 nominations submitted for the 2020 Awards, which are now in their 25th year.