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Supercharged medical community to unite against urgent threats to global health

Coda 2020 – a medical conference like no other – will enthuse healthcare professionals in Australia to take action across four domains: earth, ethics, cure and education.

Inspired to make meaningful change on global health issues, Intensive Care Specialists, Oliver Flower and Roger Harris from Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital have founded Coda – a global community of medical professionals dedicated to generating, proving and sharing revolutionary health care ideas for societal change.

Backed by global health organisations, hundreds of volunteers and built on the highly successful conference series SMACC (Social Media and Critical Care), which travelled the globe from 2013-2019 accumulating 50,000 members, Coda begins where SMACC left off. The first-ever Coda conference will be held in Melbourne from 28 September to 2 October, uniting the entire healthcare community unbound by critical care.

Each year, Coda will identify a specific and urgent threat to global health and deliver a draft set of tangible, achievable and sustainable actions for the community to build upon prior to the major event, with final action plans presented at the Coda conference for rapid adoption. Published via academic journals and disseminated across the community, these actions will be open for industry-wide comment, engagement and discussion via social platforms. In 2020, Coda will focus on an action agenda for climate change.

Asking for a call-to-arms, Roger Harris said, “There are 60 million health care workers around the world, and as an industry, we’re leaders in society – the people who the public trust with their health, wellbeing and their lives.

“Imagine if this community could come together as one to make positive and actionable change on global health crisis. We as a medical community can change humanity’s global footprint. We have the power to inspire, revitalise and provide hope for the future.”

Connecting this to how Coda 2020 will have an impact, Oliver Flower said, “Coda was created to accelerate progress toward better health outcomes for all. We exist to create a healthier world together, however, to make real changes – we need fast action, not just talk. We will use Coda 2020 as a launchpad to mobilise our local and global communities – it will be the benchmark for real change.”

Over an intensive five days, beginning with 40 CPD workshops, more than 50 expert speakers from across the globe will connect across four central domains at Coda 2020:
  • Coda Earth: Threats to humanity from climate change, water and food shortages, and air pollution.
  • Coda Cure: Threats include sepsis, pandemics, trauma, communicable disease.
  • Coda Educate: Threats include equitable access to learning, knowledge dissemination, harms of medical misinformation particularly on vaccine hesitancy and antibiotic resistance.
  • Coda Ethics: Threats include equity within healthcare itself, artificial intelligence, end of life care, population and genetic modification.
Coda 2020 will provide a hub for the medical profession to come together to accelerate change, be empowered and make a real impact on local and global health issues.

You can be the first to secure your seat at Coda 2020 from 1st April (no joke) – get in quick at codachange.org


Notes to editors:
  • Interviews are available upon request with Coda Co-Founders Roger Harris and Oliver Flower
About Coda: 
Coda is a global community that comes together to generate, prove and share revolutionary ideas to solve urgent global health challenges. Founded by the same team that created the SMACC (Social Media and Critical Care) worldwide conference series - which ran from 2013 – 2019 visiting Australia, Chicago, Ireland, Germany - the Coda community is driven by four key values: collaboration, action, creativity and humanity.
Coda 2020 is a supercharged medical conference for professionals in the health community. It is built on a desire to improve health outcomes across the world, and the opportunity to convert that desire into action.
Coda 2020 will deliver:
  • A captivating and thought-provoking healthcare program.
  • Incredibly inspiring speakers with compelling messages.
  • A huge variety of program formats to stimulate and engage.
  • Unparalleled production qualities guaranteed to capture your attention.
  • Unforgettable social events to relax, recharge and connect.
  • A community experience that is diverse and inclusive in every way.

Roger Harris

Roger Harris is a senior staff specialist in the intensive care unit at the Royal North Shore Hospital and the Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAN). He is dual qualified in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care. Roger is one of the co-founders of Coda and SMACC (Social Media and Critical care). He is passionate about education, his five children and especially his beautiful wife Georgie.

Oliver Flower

Oliver Flower is a staff specialist in Intensive Care Medicine at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney. He is an intensivist in Sydney who’s been driving SMACC (Social Media and Critical Care), and now Coda, from their beginnings. He has steered the creative side of SMACC & Coda, from the graphic design elements to the style, marketing, website and social platform strategies. He has an interest in neurocritical care and has shaped the neuro workshops.

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