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HandyMate Modernizes the Way Homeowners and Service Providers Meet

Handymate is a home services marketplace that connects homeowners with local service professionals.

Searching for a qualified home improvement professional can seem like an impossible task. HandyMate takes the stress out of locating knowledgeable experts that can complete household maintenance, repair and installation jobs.

HandyMate is the convenient online way to locate a professional that specializes in the services that homeowners need, complete with affordable pricing, and confidential communication. There’s no need to spend hours visiting dozens of websites trying to research and compare prices. HandyMate provides up-front pricing and reviews to make home improvement shopping easy for tasks ranging from plumbing and painting to cleaning and yard work.

Homeowners that want a stylish driveway opt for driveway pavers to obtain a unique look. The paver specialists offer a variety of services including custom designs with limestone or travertine pavers. Homeowners can receive 10 percent off when they book the service via HandyMate and prices range from $1,800 to $6,000 depending upon the size of the driveway. It includes preparation of the site, pavers, and installation includes filling and compacting.

For those that need drain cleaning, there are multiple companies from which to choose encompassing small and mainline drain cleaning to unclogging toilet drains, there’s a cleaning expert for every need. Depending on the drain size and individual circumstances, services are available that range from $100-$140.

Whether a home needs a facelift or the owner is preparing to sell, a new coat of paint works wonders for increasing curb appeal or indoors for enhancing value. Individuals will find indoor home painters offering deals with pricing that covers labor only to indoor and outdoor packages that includes rooms of various sizes.

At some point, every home will need protection against pests whether it’s for a one-time infestation or ongoing prevention. Individuals can request a one-time pest control treatment for various sized homes for $120-$250. Homeowners can also schedule quarterly treatments for up to a year at costs of $500-$1,000.

HandyMate is the modern, convenient way to find cost effective services from professionals without extensive online research. Listings provide homeowners with pricing and experience levels to help them select the best offer for their specific circumstances. The HandyMate marketplace helps individuals find services, while assisting business owners acquire new customers in the most convenient way possible.

About HandyMate
HandyMate is a true ecommerce solution where homeowners can browse tons of smart offers to get up-front pricing from nearby service providers instantly. Homeowners can compare pricing, view profiles, and reviews to decide who is best suited to meet their needs. Connect with HandyMate on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.