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Help is at hand to keep athletes performing at their best

Richard Maloney reveals world-first program that eliminates injuries from professional sports people

Money and sport go hand in hand.


From an athlete's perspective, their monetary worth is based on how well they perform. And if they are injured they can't perform at all.  


That's one reason why Richard Maloney works with professional sports people from sports such as AFL, AFLW, WAFL, NRL, NBL and netball.


Richard helps them become injury free and break the negative cycles and limiting beliefs that hold players back.


With footy already on our screens and the Olympics around the corner, why not talk to Richard to discuss the many issues around athletes having (and not having!) the right mental attitude.


As a leading mental health sports coach, Richard has worked with elite athletes for 20 years. Over this time he has found out what sports people need to do to perform at their highest peak and be injury free.

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