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Here’s why two of KUHN’s most popular balers are leading the pack when it comes to enhanced productivity

KUHN’s leading-edge farm machinery is designed with one goal in mind – to improve quality, efficiency and profitability. And when it comes to baling, two of their most popular machines are having a significant impact on productivity for Australian farmers.

As KUHN Australia Marketing Manager and Baler Product Specialist, Michael Murer explains, the KUHN SB 1290 iD large square baler and VB 3100 Series round balers are considered the next generation in baling technology.

“The SB 1290 iD comes with some simple yet highly efficient features that include everything from integral rotors to power density,” says Michael. As he explains, one key new feature is being heralded as a game-changer. “This baler’s patented TWINPACT double plunger technique formulates higher density bales while using less power, therefore avoiding massive peak loads on the main gear box.”

The machine has a crank angle position sensor and plunger rod load pins to measure total load, while precise load measurements are performed throughout the complete plunger cycle. The benefit of this sophisticated measuring method is in the delivery of extra bale weight, says Michael. “Because compaction is increased by 60+ tonnes, this machine provides the highest density bale, with 25% more than usual – and that leads to significantly improved transport and handling efficiencies and a healthier bottom line for farmers.”

With intake capacity being one of the most important factors in profitability, Michael explains that the SB 1290 iD features a high-performance crop intake system to deliver 10% more capacity. “Plus, its unique patented crop guard design, in combination with a high torque on the rotor and feeder fork driveline, also ensures a high intake capacity and extreme endurance.”

The SB 1290 iD’s high capacity and high bale weights combine with excellent driver convenience. “The robust driveline makes these balers extremely durable, even in the most challenging conditions, whether they’re being used for silage, hay, straw, lucerne, maize straw or sugar cane leaves”, says Michael. “Essentially, these features all work together to deliver the holy grail for farmers. They create rock-hard, perfectly shaped bales, produced by a machine that has some of the smartest, most innovative features on the market.”

Meanwhile, KUHN’s VB 3100 Series Round Balers also feature some of the latest product innovations to ensure maximum benefit for farmers and contractors. “These balers have a proven, more refined intake system,” says Michael. He explains that the wide cam-track pick-up unit ensures maximum ground adaption, while the cam-track unit’s pendulum capabilities keep the pick-up wheels in constant contact with the field surface, providing more stability in all swaths.

Across the entire VB 3100 range, a simple, maintenance-free intake system called Integral Rotor Technology guarantees an enormous throughput capacity, harnessing a short distance between rotor and pick-up tines to maintain consistent crop flow. Its design boosts forward speed, which both increases productivity and reduces crop damage.

Michael explains how these balers create fast, perfect bale formations. “The bale chamber’s five belt, three roller design ensures fast, consistent bale formation whatever the intake system, and the top chamber’s aggressive roller profile improves crop contact and reduces crop loss. In addition, the front segment of the baler has a large smooth roller and driven cleaning roller to prevent crop build-up at the front of the machine.”

This unique set-up guarantees perfect bale formation every time ­– and when it comes to binding, KUHN’s innovative net binder system’s active stretch technology provides constant net tension throughout the entire binding cycle, to help minimize breakages. It also spreads the net to the corners of the bale, preventing air pockets and preserving forage quality for longer.

Finally, the user-friendly colour touch-screen interface further enhances productivity. “We wanted users to be able to have a clear view of what the machine is doing at any time, and to have those all-important settings at their fingertips. Our interface supports operators with an easy to use control box, giving them complete control under every condition.”

With technology playing a greater role than ever in helping operators to get maximum performance from their machines, KUHN’s range of balers delivers the benefits of consistent, perfectly shaped bales for efficient, more profitable farms.

Machine orders are now being taken for Spring 2020, with finance offers available from 0.99%. To find out more, visit www.kuhn.com.au or contact your local dealer.

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