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Find A Perfect Fit with Brand Ambassadors from Promo People

Brand ambassadors from Promo People are available in major cities of Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and other regional areas.

The company has a pool of talent that can work as event staff, promotional staff, mascots, human billboards and specialty talent.

Promo People can help businesses with effective customer contact through a diverse range of channels including assisted selling, merchandising, sampling and demonstration, local area marketing and brand activation. They can also manage all event and activation planning, permits, insurance and logistics for various locations around the country including CBD/Council sites, train stations, universities, supermarkets, stadiums, in-store, airports, coastal areas, shopping and convention centres.

A brand ambassador must be an effective and persuasive communicator in being customer focused. The right person can build strong relationships for the brand, assist with sales targets and help grow business. They can learn and present brand information confidently. These brand ambassadors are trained to work in a fast-paced environment and are a trusted point of contact who can be relied on to get it right, first time, and always customers first. With their outgoing personality, they can confidently engage with customers sharing knowledge and expertise to educate them on the benefits of products and drive excitement resulting in sales.

Promo People has helped businesses like UNIQLO with brand ambassadors and mascot talent at various events around the country. They helped increase customer traffic into store as well as sales of their new Nintendo t-shirt range. Promo People has worked with other companies like Nestle where they managed and executed a highly creative set of experiential promotions combining a variety of interactive games and experiences while creating a thorough and fun engagement with the brand.

Promo People staff are outgoing, have a passion for events and are totally committed to providing excellent customer service for everyone. They are very hands on and flexible with work which includes meeting visitors, helping setup and coordination, as well as establishing relationships with clients and potential clients.  

For more information: https://www.promopeople.com.au/