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Protect Your Plants And The Environment with Ground Coffee Waste

Australia produces an estimated 75,000 tonnes of ground coffee waste per year* and of that, the majority goes directly to landfill, contributing significantly to climate change through the production of methane – a greenhouse gas said to be 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 

Mark Paul, founder of The Greenwall Company recently tested the effects of using coffee grounds in the media used for planting his greenwalls and greenroofs, with positive results. Mark explains, “Over the past six months we have sourced coffee ground waste from Harvest Store & Kitchen in Newport, our local coffee shop, and included it in our patented media formula. Our trials on various walls and in our gabions used for greenroofs are proving to be a more sustainable and cost-effective solution with the plant species continuing to flourish.”

The greenwalls and greenroofs tested from The Greenwall Company are made up of 94% Australian recyclable materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. Ground coffee is just one component of the soilless, inorganic media created by Mark to mimic the natural growing conditions of plants. The benefits of going soilless include a reduction in the overall weight of the wall or gabion along with eliminating the need to replace the soil or a regular basis. 

Mark says, “Our aim has always been to reduce our carbon footprint by using everyday recyclable items. By diverting coffee waste from landfill, we are helping to reduce greenhouse gases going into our atmosphere while creating a sustainable habitat for small animals and insects and also protecting the lifespan of our plants.”

Incorporating a greenwall in your home or office has many benefits, including: 
•    Low maintenance – the greenwall can be left to grow-out and only needs to be maintained quarterly, depending on the look you are after and also as long as the automated irrigation system remains on!
•    Improved air quality – Greenwalls are a natural air-filter. The plants in the greenwall help metabolise toxins in the air, while at the same time releasing oxygen into the air but at a much larger scale than the standard potted plants.
•    Noise level reduction – When placed inside, greenwalls can help reduce noise levels. The plants in the greenwall block high-frequency sounds and the structure it is built on can help reduce low-frequency noise.
•    Energy cost reduction – In the warmer months, greenwalls help cool the air through the process of evapotranspiration, which reduces the need to use air conditioners.
•    Health benefits - A Texan study of post-surgery patients recovering in hospitals also showed further health benefits, recording quicker recovery and less chance of relapse if patients could look out onto green space.

* Source https://www.reground.com.au 

About the Greenwall Company:
The Greenwall Company is the premier producer of modular and custom designed greenwalls in Australia. An unequalled product, Greenwall can be used like cladding to produce instant ‘greenspace’ both inside and out. The system developed by Mark Paul at The Greenwall Company over approximately 30 years, presents an innovative system based on inorganic media and adjustable substrate depth that retains moisture and simulates conditions resembling natural soil. In addition, by using plants adapted to impoverished environments and seasonal drought, The Greenwall Company achieves water efficient planting that is resilient to inevitable short-term human and mechanical failures.