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“From the very beginning, the author draws the reader in and never lets go until the ultimate conclusion and satisfying denouement.” - Greg Alldredge, author of the Helena Brandywine series.

“I was taken out of my seat from the first page, and I came back to my world delightfully impacted by her craft and imagination. If there are more Hidden Cities to be explored, sign me up!” - G. Russell Gaynor, International best-selling novelist and screenwriter

The epic tale of a heroine with an odd nose (a hereditary defect from her father’s side) is gathering steam as the Australian cover reveal for Hidden City of Alchemy is released.

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but let's get real: Who among us hasn't picked up a book from a store shelf simply because a great cover and title caught your eye?

Steampunk author Melissa Coleman said Balboa Press assisted with designing the cover after she choose two feature images.

“Hidden City of Alchemy is a tale of alchemic science, unique automatons, betrayal and a secret society and the cover depicts that perfectly,” Melissa said.  

“The launch date for the novel will be made known very soon.”

“In fact, sooner than anticipated because the production process is moving along considerably faster than I thought it would. So, the launch date will be this month, March!” she said.

The 5-star Readers Favourite award holder published her first Steampunk anthology - A Confabulated Compendium of Anecdotes - in 2017.

"I'm excited about the cover because it depicts all the different aspects connected in the story. The image literally does speak a thousand words!"

Melissa is a freelance journalist, a bibliophile, and a karaoke champion, although her pet Maremma would beg to differ.

Through her books she provides a glimpse into her imagination, unfettered by the laws of logic and probability, a most anomalous wordsmith.

She loves to transport readers to a time when zeppelins and automatons are considered the norm and where heroes with retrofuturistic gadgets monopolise the page.


Set in London and Paris in 1925, smart and somewhat defiant Elizabeth Peters discovers a dangerous family secret in a hidden diary after her mother is kidnapped by German spies.

She is sent on a whirlwind adventure from London to Paris while learning the shocking truth about her ancestor and about a chemical which could destroy humankind, if it should fall into the wrong hands.

If you would like to interview Melissa Coleman, please contact her on mobile: 0409 002 088 or via email: hemingway.bythesea@gmail.com


The hail of gunfire from the motor-wagon increased, smashing one of the lanterns and spilling kerosene down one side. Lizzie fired again, pulling the trigger until no bullets remained inside the gun and the hammer clicked against the firing pin. With more gunfire from the vehicle behind, an errant spark from a ricocheting bullet caused the liquid to ignite. Flames roared up the side and she flinched back, almost losing her grip on a swearing Albert.

He turned towards her. “We have to jump.”

Is he mad? Jump where?

Seeing her hesitation, Albert stood up on the driving board, putting one booted foot on the wooden dash. Before she realised his intention, he gathered her towards him, lifting her easily with one strong arm. She found herself clutched to his broad chest with her arms around his neck.

With a grunt he leapt, and in that weightless moment her heart rose with his momentum, threatening to beat out of her chest. They landed square on the back of one of the fire-panicked horses. His arms around her, he gathered the excess rein in one hand and reached between their bodies.

Despite the danger, or perhaps because of it, even the back of his gloved hand across her corset sent electric tingles through her as he pulled out a wickedly sharp knife.

She moved with him as he leant forward to cut the traces and free the horses from their confinement. As the horses leapt away, she gripped the gun tightly, making sure it would not fall. She wanted to reload, as she heard the motor-wagon in pursuit behind the flaming clarence. How would they survive this?

The burning carriage rolled out of control behind them, jounced wildly, the remaining reins tangled in the front wheels.  With a jerk the burning clarence pitched end over end, smashing into the cobblestones with a thunderous crash. The horses, now freed, whinnied in fear and raced forward. Clutched against Albert’s chest, Lizzie heard the motor-wagon slam into the carriage and swerve into a wall.
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