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"I did not set out to create a weapon. I needed something to strip the flesh from bones, to enable me to draw their structure. I do not know if I was inspired by the devil to create such a thing, and it weighs on my mind. All too easily can I see what others would use this for." Grand Master Gatto

With the official launch of Hidden City of Alchemy by Award-winning author Melissa Coleman just weeks away, steampunk, fantasy and science fiction fanatics all have a chance to attend an event.

The Australian author said there would be more than one book launch for her latest novel.

“I live in regional Queensland but my home is in the Lockyer Valley, so I’ve been planning multiple launches.”

The launch in regional Queensland will take place at Avo’s Tapas Bar in Mount Isa on Saturday 21 March from 5.30 – 7.30.

“There will be giveaways, competitions and more,” she said.

The 5-star Readers Favourite award holder published her first Steampunk anthology - A Confabulated Compendium of Anecdotes - in 2017.

“I loved the launch of my steampunk anthology at Comic-con in Brisbane. I’ll be attending there and Sydney in September, and Melbourne in June.”

Hidden City of Alchemy is a young-adult novel.

“It’s a tale of alchemic science, unique automatons, a smart heroine with an odd nose (a hereditary defect from her father’s side), and a secret society,” Melissa said.

Set in London and Paris in 1925, smart and somewhat defiant Elizabeth Peters discovers a dangerous family secret in a hidden diary after her mother is kidnapped by German spies.

She is sent on a whirlwind adventure from London to Paris while learning the shocking truth about her ancestor and about a chemical that could destroy humankind if it should fall into the wrong hands.

You can purchase a copy of Hidden City of Alchemy online now from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Balboa Press, and other stores.


Melissa is a freelance journalist, a bibliophile, and a karaoke champion, although her pet Maremma would beg to differ.

Through her books, she provides a glimpse into her imagination, unfettered by the laws of logic and probability, a most anomalous wordsmith.

She loves to transport readers to a time when zeppelins and automatons are considered the norm and where heroes with retrofuturistic gadgets monopolise the page.

If you would like to interview Melissa Coleman please contact her mobile 0409 002 088 or email wordsmith@melissahcoleman.com
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