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Introducing 360 Expert Influencers & Melanie Burnicle

360 PR is excited to announce the launch of their new ‘360 Expert Influencer Crew’, a select group of influential Australians who are experts in their field of work.

With a focus on building the profiles, of their clients, 360 PR will manage all media opportunities and new partnerships, while allowing their influencers to maintain existing relationships and agreements.

To kick-off, 360 PR’s founding Expert Influencer is Melanie Burnicle, the award-winning creator of The MAGAP (Makeup Artist Guild Asia Pacific), the 2 Twenty 2 Group and soon to be published, author. Starting as a makeup artist and hairstylist over 22 years ago, Melanie brings her beauty and business expertise together as one. She is a regular on panels, a motivational speaker, host for beauty events and is a contributing writer for numerous publications and online platforms.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in any speaking opportunities, collaborations or expert tips. Stay tuned for more influencer experts over the coming weeks. Contact Lisa Solomons at 360 PR for further information - lisa@360pr.com.au.