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Infratec Security Systems, Adelaide, South Australia wins 2020 ThreeBestRated® award for the Best Security Company

Gone are the days where only business owners used security systems. Now almost every house has some form of security system. It helps the homeowners keep their family feeling safer from burglars and intruders. In certain situations, the mere presence of a security system deters intruders.

Kevin Brenner is the Managing Director of Infratec Security Systems, a Three Best Rated® Award-winning security systems in Adelaide. “I started the business in 1985 as a part-time business and went full time in 1991,'' says Kevin. So, how did he turn it into a top-rated security system in Adelaide? Kevin sits down with Three Best Rated® and opens up about his journey.

How did it all start?

Kevin and a work colleague were employed as Computer Engineers for Wang Computers. One day, someone broke into his colleague’s home. He subsequently had Chubb Security install a security system in his home which cost him a significant sum of money. Kevin and his colleague thought that it was a disproportionate sum for a basic analogue system. “We were looking for an opportunity to start a part-time business so after looking into what Chubb had installed, we researched the security industry and developed a model to custom design systems for clients, at highly competitive prices.” Kevin explained.

Infratec Security Systems:

Infratec Security Systems have been operating in a very competitive industry for over 34 years, looking after some of SA’s largest and advanced systems and installing systems up to the value of $500,000. However the domestic market is still a very important part of the business profile, with systems starting from as low as $1000.

“We pride ourselves on supplying a very professional level of service which comes from my background in the computer industry,” Kevin says. He structured his business on the same model, offering a higher level of professionalism than most security companies back in the eighties and continues today.

Kevin and his team don’t believe in a “one size fit all” policy. They provide site visits, listen to their client’s needs, make recommendations and design tailored systems to suit. “The system is then installed by our own fully qualified technicians, not contractors, and full demonstrations on the operation and features of the system provided”, he says.

With App, integration into new systems allows for greater control and flexibility. Infratec only uses the latest technology, which leaves their clients greatly impressed. “We offer 24-hour assistance to all our clients and high levels of personal service”, he further explains.

Kevin and his team have proved that dedication and hard work definitely pays off. Their dedication paired with their experience and vast knowledge got them a place in Three Best Rated® as one of the top-rated Security System Company’s in Adelaide, South Australia.


Infratec Security Systems - Adelaide, SA:

193 Glen Osmond Road,

Frewville, SA 5063

Phone: 08 8338 6788

Email: admin@infratecsecurity.com.au

Website: https://infratecsecurity.com.au/