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Bookabin (AUS) Recommend Ways to Save on Your Skip Hire

No one wants to pay extra for their rental skip, and the tips below will help ensure you’re not paying more than the quoted out-the-door price when the final bill shows up, starting with choosing the right container size.

This is the most important tip. For instance it can be especially costly to rent a skip that is too small, so the best rule of thumb is to rent a skip size slightly bigger than what you think will accommodate the clean-up, as renting a skip that's too small can lead to needing a second one to finish the clean-up.

Secondly, it is imperative that you understand the rental company’s policies. Every company has different policies regarding overage fees and what constitutes an overage. For example, you can be charged extra fees for an overflowing or overweight skip, as well as for loading prohibited items. Also, you can avoid hidden fees and “surprises” later by understanding the fine print up front.

The basics you should know before signing a contract include the cost of each skip size, the weight allowance of each skip, the cost per ton for exceeding each skip’s weight allowance and the types of debris/junk allowed in the skip.

Thirdly, you need to keep the skip covered when it’s raining. Debris weighs far more when wet, especially construction debris and other wastes that soak the water right in. You should plan to have a large tarp on hand to cover the skip when not in use, and some skip rental companies can supply this upon request.

Fourthly, you should avoid filling the container with extra junk or debris. While it may be tempting to utilise the skip to dispose of things beyond what it was originally intended for, this could potentially lead to an overweight skip.

Number five, you should avoid long-term rentals if possible. In many cases, the longer you have the skip on-site, the heavier the load will become. Similar to tip #4, it’s natural to toss extra junk or trash in a skip that is easily accessible, but it's also a welcoming place for other people to illegally dispose of their trash.

Finally,  donate, give away, or recycle. You can consider donating furniture, used clothing, reusable building materials, and housewares, by dropping off at your local op-shop or Salvation Army store, and reusable items can be donated or recycled rather than landfilled.

By doing a little planning upfront, it’s easy to avoid paying extra fees on your skip rental bill. It’s also very helpful to work with an experienced, reputable skip rental company, especially if it’s your first time renting, so for more information on skip bins online, small skip bins, book a bin Adelaide and skip bins Australia please go to http://www.bookabin.com.au .