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Perth-based social platform spreading positivity rebranding to Norita Omar in pursuit to make a bigger impact

Perth-based social platform, Strive and Thrive which is known for spreading positivity since 2016 through their social media and free annual live events has rebranded to a personal brand with a new name, website, logo and a slightly new direction. It is now known as the founder’s name, Norita Omar.

Through Strive and Thrive’s annual free community event called Positive Life Expo and Workshops, Norita guided and helped promote the products and services of heart-centred entrepreneurs who are life coaches, health and wellness coaches, health practitioners and creative makers to reach the community who are in need.

Norita Omar said, “Now after these years, watching how these businesses grow and how I was part of it, has led me to my new calling. The truth is, through Strive and Thrive I was merely sharing my personal stories and strategies which have helped my own healing journey. It is powerful as it has inspired many people in seeking their own healing path and strategies which works for them. However, the practitioners whom I worked within my business mentoring have more expertise, knowledge and qualifications to help these clients especially those struggling with traumas and mental health issues. Therefore me working with them, in fact, is making me part of that healing chain as well and collectively we are making a bigger impact in this world.”

The new website offers an easy to navigate and engaging design and can be perfectly used on desktop, tablet, or cellphone. It also provides a library of free resources such as blog posts, worksheets, infographics, digital books and more. If you need more support in your life and heart business, access to services and programs is easy to navigate too.

Norita Omar empowers heart centred coaches and solopreneurs on how to build a heart business with resilience and make an impact in this world.

For more information, visit noritaomar.com or follow Norita Omar on Facebook and Instagram