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Sydney CBD North Shore Chatswood Sports Podiatrist Cures Ingrown Toenail Pain

Announcement posted by Footwork Podiatry 27 Mar 2020

The Footwork Clinic may well have a long-lasting, painless solution for patients suffering ingrown toenail pain with its revolutionary new treatment that has been recently introduced at its North Sydney and CBD Clinics.


The Footwork Clinic may well have a long-lasting, painless solution for patients suffering ingrown toenail pain with its revolutionary new treatment that has been recently introduced at its North Sydney and CBD Clinics.

The new treatment, using highly advanced “BS Brace” technology, is painfree, riskfree and non-invasive, explains leading Australian expert sports podiatrist and clinic director Dr Mark Lin. It does not involve surgery or local anesthetics - so is ideal for a range of clients who have elected in the past not to have surgery for their ingrown-toenail conditions.

The technology: “BS Brace” is the perfect solution to treat people who suffer from ingrown toenails, said Dr Lin.

“It is a game changer for those who do not want to have surgery or even for those who simply prefer not to get the nail(s) treated regularly.” 

Nail Bracing is a unique ingrown toenail solution using a transparent toenail brace that gradually corrects unhealthy toenail curvature – the source of ingrown toenail pain.

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With this method the treated nail is gently lifted out of the nail fold over time without pain .

 It is a highly advanced and painless new technology and is very safe.

The painless BS Brace System of treatment for ingrown toenails treatment has in fact been used successfully worldwide for decades in more than 30 countries. 

And now it’s finally available at The Footwork Clinic in its Chatswood and Sydney CBD clinics. 

“As part of our commitment to stay at the forefront of lower limb treatment, we are the first and only trained provider in Northern Sydney to offer this revolutionary treatment,” explained Dr Lin. 

This is despite the technology having been first launched in Australia (registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration) four years ago and classified as a Class 1 Medical device in 2015.

The treatment method involves mounting a flat German made fiberglass brace to a curved ingrown toenail. The transparent nail brace creates a spring tension that lifts and holds the toenail out of the nail bed gently and continuously while the brace is attached. The nail and the nail bed get gently and effectively straightened by this process, explains Dr Lin.

“The basic principle is based on the same physical laws as that of a leaf spring, namely using pressure and counter pressure,” he explained.

“It fits the shape of the nail automatically and the resulting resetting forces shape and flatten the nail when the nail brace is applied.”

Since its first use elsewhere in 1987 there have been no reported allergies, said Lin - including with repeated worldwide use in multiple countries.

“Our nail brace is absolutely safe and suitable for everyone, even those who have diabetes,” he said.

“The very advanced development technology and high safety system are the reasons why this treatment has been highly regarded around the world.

“This procedure does not require you to cut or hook any substance under the nail plate. 

“This new technique is a painless and gentle procedure compared to using wire braces - the older technology involved wire being inserted under a nail and it caused extreme pain.”

 One (or more) ingrown toenails can cause acute recurring pain and often require multiple visits to podiatrists for periodic ongoing treatment.

Ingrown toenail is very common and can happen to anyone at any age. It can result from footwear, lifestyle or biomechanical factors such as flat feet and foot pronation -- while for some people it’s simply due to genetics.

While ingrown toenail surgery has to date had a high success rate for this painful condition - many sufferers choose not to have toenail surgery, owing to factors such as needle phobia, the period of time required to heal or to breastfeeding (and a subsequent choice not to use local anesthetics). For diabetics, the risk of infection is the main reason they don’t elect to have surgery.

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“Our mission is to provide alternative treatment to people currently suffering from ingrown toenails as well as to millions who are susceptible to getting ingrown toenails,” said Lin.

Diagram (below) showing the main phases of the effective new ingrown-toenail treatment - using the game-changing new technology :

The Footwork Clinic is situated in Chatswood on Sydney’s North Shore and in Sydney's CBD.

“Call The Footwork Clinic today to receive what is now the world’s best treatment and advice for your ingrown toenail(s)!” 

For further information, visit the The Footwork Clinic - Leading Sports, Podiatry, Foot And Lower Limb Corrective Services to book online, or call Mark Lin or his friendly team on +61 2 9131 6891.

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