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Use Bartercard Trade Dollars to Keep Your Cash Customers Coming In

With recession talk going on businesses may need to rely on additional sources of networking to generate income. Bartercard members have a distinct advantage during this time as they can rely on an additional source of funds to spend on their business and their customers.

Bartercard members can investigate advertising options, marketing consultants, on-line and offline branding ideas. They can use their network to let customers know they are still open for business.

Bartercard provides an immense online marketplace allowing businesses to barter products and services with other companies and is designed to expand the business and profits.  It is the world's largest cashless business networking platform. Bartercard helps businesses network with other brands and can open opportunities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Perth.   

Many businesses around Australia are already experiencing a large downturn in customers. This is the time to maximise the Bartercard membership. It is important to fill the idle capacity to keep the business running. It also important to maximise the trade dollar spending to keep as much cash in the business as possible. Bartercard account managers can help business understand how to make use of these opportunities.

Stuart Evans of Evanco Mechanical joined Bartercard in 2014. “Since joining, we’ve seen our business grow – it’s brought us an additional 10-15% customer base which we just wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for Bartercard. Our bottom line has increased by up to 20% and we save around $500 cash per month! Being a part of the network also allows me to cash convert as I’m able to purchase workshop products using our trade dollars which I can then sell on through cash. A great example of this is when I’ve been able to buy oil products – $10,000 worth – saving the business roughly $7,000 in cash! I also use trade dollars,” he says.

Upon joining, the business is listed in the member directory where other businesses can look and trade with them. Bartercard records all transactions on a statement. By accepting an alternative method of payment i.e. Bartercard, it opens a whole new market of customers and in turn gain a competitive advantage.


For more information, visit https://bartercard.com.au/