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Key-Guard Panels Used in Adelaide Hospital Project

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Keystone Linings recently completed early works with contractors Mossop Construction + Interiors for the $3.5 million Paediatric Emergency Department redevelopment at Adelaide’s Women's and Children's Hospital (WCH). 


Working with architect Silver Thomas Hanley and Piotto InteriorsKeystone Linings' supplied Key-Nirvana perforated ceiling panels with a Waxed Maple face with Keystone Linings, Key-Guard anti-bacterial coating. The coating assists inlimiting the spread of micro bacteria that may settle on the surface, thus reducing bacterial transfer and the need for excessive cleaning. 


Stage 1 of the $3.5 million Paediatric Emergency Department redevelopment at the Women's and Children's Hospital has been completed. This project is part of the $50 million Sustainment Upgrade of the WCH. The upgrades included refurbished clinical support rooms, an improved triage area and larger waiting rooms with interactive entertainment for children. These upgrades will improve the efficiencies of the Emergency Department, ensuring SA children will continue to receive the highest quality care. 


The Key-Guard surface coating, which utilizes Biomaster’s antimicrobial technology is a hard-wearing, durable, polyurethane coating system available in various gloss levels and can be tinted to a comprehensive assortment of colours. 


Available for use on raw timber veneers and some prefinished laminate surfaces, the special coating inhibits the growth of surface bacteria, fungi and moulds. It is ideal for high traffic area walls, building entrances and foyers, high-impact wall linings in health care, child care applications, shopping centreshotels, theatres and studios. 


The Biomaster additive also contains Verimaster security technology, a covert identification system designed to verify the presence of the active antimicrobial ingredient. It offers antimicrobial product protection and reduces the ability of bacteria to grow on the surface. It reduces levels of product contamination. It includes a detection additive to verify the coating and the product has been independently tested to ISO 22196. It is hard wearing, durable and premium polyurethane coating system that is available in a range of gloss levels and can be tinted to a comprehensive range of colours. 


For more information: https://www.keystoneacoustics.com.au/