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KONCHECK Tailors a Solution for Businesses

Announcement posted by National Criminal History Check 05 Jan 2021

KONCHECK has introduced business solutions for different industries. It means the employers can partner with KONCHECK and streamline the process of Police check by managing all checks under one platform.

KONCHECK, a service provided by Konze Enterprise PTY LTD, has added another feather to its cap with the introduction of its Business Solution. It promises to lodge Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks (NCCHCs) seamlessly on behalf of organisations.

The vision of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is to make the country a safer place. A National Police Check is an Australia-wide integrity check based on an applicant’s consent to obtain a full criminal history record. Organisations use it to make informed decisions and demonstrate suitability for paid jobs and volunteer work or work involving contact with vulnerable groups such as children or people with disabilities.

KONCHECK emphasises on making the hiring process stress-free by offering Police checks for business solutions. It helps the employers to streamline the whole process by helping them manage Police checks under one platform. KONCHECK will be providing a customised dashboard to their clients. The dashboard will assist the employers in tracking the status of the application as well as sending reminders to the applicants in case they haven’t submitted their applications in a timely manner.


The process is also very simplified. It often takes about 5 minutes to fill the online application form. The employer can send notifications to applicants through the portal via email to apply for a National Criminal History Check. KONCHECK also eliminates the chances of any inaccuracy that may creep in a manual police checking process.

KONCHECK ensures flexibility in the payment process too. Employers can choose between Applicant Pay and Company Pay. In case of bulk checks, the employer may get discounts. Also, it provides a chance for Recruiters and HR firms to refer checks for candidates.

KONCHECK aims to provide an easy manageable service for organisations to conduct police checks for their employees.

Through a few clicks, employers can request police checks from their employees and track the status of their checks as well.

KONCHECK claims 70% of the police check certificates are received within 1-2 business days. In some cases, it may take 10-15 business days or more, depending on the complexity of the check.

Get in touch: support@koncheck.com