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Beauty Boss Business shares her 7 C’s Strategy for freelancers to get through COVID-19

Announcement posted by 360PR 14 Apr 2020

Melanie Burnicle, founder and director of The MAGAP and also known as @beautybossbusiness, is sharing her 7 C’s Strategy for fellow makeup artists to get through COVID-19 and future proof their professional careers. She will also be launching The Interview Series, which shares the stories of some of the world’s most brilliant brains and beautiful minds.

“It’s a really tough time at the moment. So many talented people are out of work, with no future bookings in the diary. I myself have been self-isolating for the past few weeks and have been looking at ways to not only plan a C Strategy (currently over the word COVID)  for my own business but how I can help my peers to use this downtime in a productive way, innovate and build a strong foundation, back end to their business, so when the world rights itself once more they are in a position to excel,” says Melanie.

Melanie’s 7 x C’s strategy to building a strong foundation for business and will be an online education platform in the coming weeks.
  1. Candidness
  2. Clarity
  3. Creative thinking
  4. Constructiveness
  5. Communicate
  6. Consistency
  7. Celebrate

Melanie is also excited to announce the launch of The Interview Series, covering all aspects of smart Beauty, the great Bosses and Business topics, presented by herself. The series will delve into personal stories, business journeys and tap into experts who’ve mastered their skill while giving an insight into what makes people tick, their purpose, drive and mindset. For the time being all interviews will be conducted online via video conference with plans to film a face-to-face series down the track.

“Having worked with everyone from Royals, Hollywood A-listers, top global company directors, and a man who walked on the moon, I’ve been fortunate enough to have heard their amazing stories, tips and advice and now I’m grateful to have a platform to share wonderful journeys with my audience,” said Melanie.

About Melanie Burnicle:
Respected community leader, dual Stevie Entrepreneur award winner 2019 in NYC, founder of Australia’s guild and awards platform for makeup artists. Her love for the industry has her working to unite, nurture and empower artists and freelancers on a global scale. Working 22 years as a makeup artist and hairstylist, she is also a well-known expert in the beauty industry. www.themagap.com

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