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Use your Voice - Stay Connected

April 16th is World Voice Day

The message for World Voice Day 2020 is to ‘focus on your voice’

At no other time in our recent history has the human voice had such power to connect, reassure and support each other. While the world faces unprecedented lockdowns, and people are separated from those they love, at least we can rely on a phone call or video chat to remain close. 

World Voice Day has taken on a completely new meaning this year. Gone are the gatherings for performing, educating and entertaining … instead, and in keeping with this year’s theme, we want you to ‘focus on your voice’ and simply use it to bring a little joy to each other.

Each time you pick up the phone and reach out to connect with someone, spare a thought for your humble larynx. This tiny instrument – no bigger than a postage stamp, has the power to reach around the globe; yet our voice remains misunderstood, undervalued & a poor cousin to vision and hearing.

With that in mind, the Australian Dysphonia Network is taking the opportunity this World Voice Day, to highlight the impact of voice changes with the launch of “The Value of Voice”- a short clip highlighting the need for voice to be better understood, recognised and valued.

Dysphonia (difficulty making voice sounds) can be debilitating and isolating. It can impact on individuals, the workforce and the broader community. It can ruin careers, relationships and lead to depression, yet it is often poorly diagnosed and frequently misunderstood. The Australian Dysphonia Network is using World Voice Day as a platform to make us think about life without voice.

World Voice Day was founded in Brazil back in 1999 with the aim of drawing attention to the science and phenomenon of voice production. It soon grew to highlight the significant role that the voice plays in every aspect of our daily lives.  World Voice Day has gained momentum across the globe, and currently over 50 countries join the annual celebration.