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Australians ‘hungry’ for beauty product recycling, Edible Beauty delivers

Announcement posted by Edible Beauty Australia 19 Apr 2020

Edible Beauty Recycling Program

Luxury skincare brand, Edible Beauty, has today announced a new recycling program for their own line of ‘edible’ beauty products in partnership with TerraCycle. The Edible Beauty Recycling Program allows Australians to collect and ship all their Edible Beauty product packaging to TerraCycle who will then turn them into new products.


Additionally, for every kilogram of waste collected in the program, recyclers will earn $1 towards the school or charity of their choice. 

Edible Beauty founder, Anna Mitsios, says sustainable packaging has always been a priority, alongside the brands’ commitment to using quality and ethical ingredients.


“Edible Beauty is thrilled to ensure our consumers are now able to dispose of all our packaging in an environmentally responsible manner.”

“We are proud to announce that our products, as well as being made from Australian wildcrafted plants, cruelty-free and vegan, now come in 100% recyclable packaging too,” said Ms Mitsios.

Jean Bailliard, General Manager of TerraCycle Australia, said the program highlights a real demand for recycling options within the beauty industry.

“Many people aren’t aware of the difficulties in recycling beauty products. Dark or black coloured plastic, for example, isn’t able to be recycled in traditional material recovery facilities; this is where we step in.”

“Once we receive the items, we will sort, shred and melt them down into plastic pellets to be used in the manufacture of new products such as garden beds, park benches and even playgrounds. This helps us to go from a linear to a circular economy,” said Mr Bailliard.

To join the program, Australians simply visit www.terraycle.com/ediblebeauty, create a TerraCycle account and then start collecting all their empty Edible Beauty products from home. Accepted in the program are: droppers, pumps and spray closures; plastic tubes and containers, sachets and tea refill pouches; and masks (including packaging). Violet glass packaging is conditionally accepted according to local council.