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72% Of Australian Businesses Have Digitised Their Offering Since COVID-19

  • Solutions Digitalised: 72% of businesses have digitised some or all of their offerings so that they can be delivered virtually. 
  • Increase In Technology Adoption: 41% of SMEs bought or installed new software to enable them to work remotely, and 22% are planning to.
  • Teleworking Attitudes Shifted: More than half of employees said they believe their company could function at full potential with permanent remote working flexibility.
  • Transformational Leadership: Most businesses have provided remote working guidelines to employees, but communication is by far the biggest challenge.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 20, APRIL 2020Capterra Australia (www.capterra.com.au) releases today the findings of its market research into 5 Ways Australia’s Lockdown Has fast-tracked Digital Transformation.
  1. Technology Adoption
  2. Digitalised Business Offerings
  3. Telework
  4. Receptiveness To Remote Working
  5. Digital Transformation Leadership

Amid the chaos of the last few months, Australian businesses have been forced to adapt to the challenges of remote work. Although there has been much uncertainty, the proactive responses of the workforce have seen 72% of businesses digitising some, or all their offerings. This has enabled many businesses to continue trading virtually, and in some cases, profit during a time of economic uncertainty.

One driving force in this accelerated digitalisation is the adoption of new software tools and applications. Since lockdown, 41% of SMEs have bought or installed software to enable their teams to work remote. An additional 22% plan to purchase in the near future. Promising statistics show 61% of employees have found these new tools easy to use and 70% are enjoying the freedoms of working from home. Most notably; no commute (44%), flexible working hours (36%) and a casual dress code (34%).

Regardless of the circumstances, it appears most businesses that can support remote work are doing so. Communication remains a challenge, but employers have readily provided support on team meetings (48%), working hours (48%) and work-life balance (38%). Employees feel supported and are prepared for potentially longer periods of remote work.

Digital transformation is not an overnight process. However, to see such speed and proficiency from Australia, albeit within a crisis, is promising news for the future.

*Survey methodology:
To collect the data from this report, we conducted an online survey between 4th April 2020 and 14th April 2020. The responses come from a sample of the Australian market. Of the 916 people who participated in the survey, we were able to discover that 57% of Australian small and mid-sized businesses (SMEs) are already operating fully remotely and 6% plan to. 
We then screened out all respondents not working remotely, and found 500 respondents fitted within our criteria:
  • Australian resident
  • Employed by a small or mid-sized business
  • Employed full-time or part-time
  • Working remotely as a response to COVID-19.
The participants come from various business sectors and levels of seniority.

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