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A book of closely held secrets published; I Fly shares stories of adversity and triumph

Announcement posted by The Audacious Agency 27 Apr 2020

Six months ago, the 20 people in newly released anthology I Fly had never met but their stories of overcoming adversity will be the common thread that inspires thousands, because of their bravery in sharing such personal stories.

Annette Densham’s story is about the time she lived with a monster when she was 12 years old.

“We moved in with my grandparents when I was 10 because my mum was struggling to work and care for us. As I got older, the home that was meant to be safe became a place I did everything I could not be at home,” she said.

“I wrote this chapter because with the #metoo movement, I realised it was time to speak up. I had kept this story to myself for so long. Even though I’ve healed and forgiven, the act of telling was cathartic.”

Already a best seller in Amazon’s self-development category, I Fly, published by Change Empire Books, touches on stories of ordinary people who have overcome extraordinary life events.

Cathryn Mora, I Fly’s publisher, said "Grief, loss, and pain permeate the lives of us all. Some have endured more than others. Collating and publishing a collection of stories by real people (ie. people who, for the most part, weren’t already authors) who’ve not only survived trauma, tragedy, and adversity, but thrived on the other side,” she said.

“I Fly features 20 incredible people from all ages, nationalities, backgrounds, and genders. For many of them, it’s the first time they have shared these stories with anybody except their closest family and friends. For some, not even then.”

I Fly was a labour of love, the 20 authors were coached, trained, supported, and encouraged to share their stories with the world.

“There’s a saying ‘better out than in’; by sharing our stories, we give others permission to heal and grow,” Annette said.

Cathryn said what inspired them all was the hope that somebody out there facing the same thing would no longer feel alone.

“By sharing stories of pain and adversity, they want to help others not feel so isolated, afraid, and in the dark and to know even in their desperation and darkness, there was hope and light,” she said.

“These are true stories written by real people

The authors hail from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Africa.

Cathryn said the stories are all beautifully, uniquely, different. “When we first collated the stories into one document and I read them through, I cried,” she said.

“In fact, I bawled. I cried because of the sheer and overwhelming injustice in the world – how can anyone survive what some of these people have been through? Then I cried for the bravery of these remarkable authors, and how proud I am of this book.”

“Writing about something so personal was confronting. Sharing a time in my life so confronting and awful  was not my idea of fun but it was necessary,” Annette said.

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