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Equant Achieves Nine Customer Satisfaction Best in Class Ratings from Telemark

Customers score Equant Excellent in key attributes

In the 18th release of the Managed Data Network Services Benchmarking Customer Satisfaction report published by Telemark, Equant achieved nine Best in Class ratings as well as the greatest number of Excellent ratings in the report.
Dr. Kerry Tomlinson, author of the report at Telemark Services, said: Equants consistently superior ability to provide excellent service in so many diverse locations has long been a key strength. Equants dominance in this area is further demonstrated by its perceived Best in Class status for International Performance, Geographical Reach End-to-End and End-to-End Network Management. With no less than nine Best in Class performances as well as the greatest number of Excellent attribute ratings in this report, Equant shows a dedication to exceptional performance in all aspects of global communications. From Fault Reporting to Helpdesk Support and Installation to Network Management, Equant does a great job for its customers.
According to Telemark, Equants customer satisfaction performance has improved significantly over the course of the last two years, and Equant has historically shown global leadership in many attributes.
Alexandre Gouvea, senior vice president, Customer Services and Operations, said: Equant is constantly striving to improve its customer relationships, and the Telemark report is invaluable in helping us benchmark the success of these efforts. Equant has considered its ability to deliver not only a global network, but also dedicated local support services in every corner of the world as a key differentiator. It is therefore very encouraging to see that this view is widely shared by our customers through our excellent customer satisfaction ratings in the latest Telemark report.
In addition to customer satisfaction surveys, Equant receives customer feedback through different channels. As a result of this feedback, Equant recently launched a new program called the Customer Select Program. The Customer Select Program unbundles Equants customer care services and enables customers to select from three levels of service Standard, Extended and Customised depending on their unique requirements.
About Voice of the Customer: Managed Data Network Services User Report
Telemarks innovative report provides user feedback from several hundred data network managers worldwide on customer satisfaction with managed data. The report is published three times each year (February, June, and October) and includes profiles of service providers (AT&T, BT, Cable & Wireless, Equant, Infonet, MCI and NTT) based on customer information supplied during interviews to discern strengths and weaknesses. A comprehensive range of research techniques and robust methods are used to gather data thereby ensuring meaningful, actionable results. The report examines the levels of perceived importance and satisfaction on 32 service attributes from 'bid to bill'. The comparative assessment looks at perceived performances of the operators indicating 'Best in Class'. For more information about the report, visit:
About Telemark Services Ltd.
Telemark is a fast growing marketing services firm offering consultancy, publications and online analysis with proven expertise in measuring customer satisfaction, competitive analysis, benchmarking, trend analysis, channel management, new product development, demand estimates, branding, tariff analysis, and business strategy, exclusively within the telecommunications and IT sectors. An experienced team with decades of independent market research experience in the expanding market for voice, data and vision, Telemark is often the first-choice supplier for many organisations with a requirement for international market research and analysis covering emerging technologies such as VoIP, convergence and hosting applications. For more information, please visit www.telemarkservices.com or email info@telemarkservices.com.
About Equant
Equant (NYSE: ENT) (Euronext Paris: EQU) is a recognised industry leader in global communications services for multinational businesses. Equant combines its network expertise with its expanded services capabilities to provide global, integrated and customised communication services to enable its customers key business processes. Equant serves thousands of the worlds top companies, with the industrys most extensive portfolio of communications services and network solutions, including the market-leading IP VPN used by nearly 1,300 global businesses. Equant, a subsidiary of France Telecom, consistently leads industry surveys in corporate user satisfaction.