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Lumin Sports Tackling Corporate Staff Isolation with Lumin Wellbeing

Announcement posted by Lumin Sports Technology 28 Apr 2020

Platform used by coaches and scientists at elite sports programs has been adapted to enable businesses of all sizes to monitor health and wellness of staff during isolation
Adelaide, Australia, April 28, 2020 – Lumin Sports, an Adelaide-based sports technology firm with customers across the globe, has brought its technology expertise from the track and field to the remote workforce with the launch of a workplace wellbeing application, Lumin Wellbeing.

Lumin Wellbeing is an enterprise-specific version of its suite of applications currently in use by elite sporting programs to monitor the health and wellbeing of athletes – through the use of accurate data collection tools and specialised visualisation – regardless of the location of the athlete or, in the case of Lumin Wellness, the staff member.

Founder and CEO Ben Tripodi said Lumin quickly identified the need for corporations to track how staff are managing their stress levels while working remotely during the pandemic, as that functionality had been working for sports organisations across the globe with athletes also in isolation. Further, the use among athletes prior to COVID-19 highlights how the platform can be used by companies and staff once the pandemic subsides and staff can return to work.

“Businesses are ramping up remote workforce efforts on the fly; most have had to get their staff working from home at a moment’s notice thanks to the pandemic and they’re quickly learning that isolation is affecting the morale, health and wellbeing from staff,” said Tripodi.

“Unfortunately, they’re only learning about this when the situation comes to a head.

“Our platform gets ahead of that situation and is applicable for use once staff can return to the workplace as well, highlighting actionable insights for department heads which they’re unlikely to have noticed previously.”

He said the company had already begun working with a number of businesses – including Pickstar,  Bentley’s R&D Tax Incentives, and professional cycling program Team NTT Pro Cycling, which is also using the Sports platforms – as part of a three month early-adopter program, and called for additional organisations to join.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the interest and willingness to sign up interest since soft-launching the platform,” said Tripodi, with at least 10 organisations joining the program. “The early-adopter phase will help with our understanding of how organisations can and will use the technology in real-time, ensuring we can update the platform as the work-from-home situation evolves.”

The company is offering the platform during this phase at a reduced per-seat rate to encourage organisations to adopt the technology now and help tailor the solution to meet the needs of corporations now and beyond the pandemic.

From the Oval to the (home) office: elite athlete insight enabled for enterprises of all sizes
Lumin Sport’s signature platforms, Phila and ARC, are used by the Adelaide Crows; Boston University’s NCAA track and field squad;  the Australian Olympic cycling program; professional cycling teams including Team NTT Data (South Africa), Team Tibco Silicon Valley Bank (USA) Team Katusha (Switzerland) and Team Hagens Berman Axeon (USA), among other elite sporting programs.

The enterprise version of the platform will bring the power of these toolsets to the enterprise. ARC, Lumin’s flagship data visualisation platform, incorporates data from the Phila app – a daily-use tool which allows staff to record how they are feeling about work and their overall wellbeing – and hardware such as wearables. It then analyses and visualises the data to create actionable intel for heads of departments to identify wellbeing issues including heightened stress, work-life balance issues, poor sleep, and reduced rest.

Further, Lumin is undertaking a rapid development of the enterprise focused Phila app to ensure it becomes an essential employee tool and deliver real wellbeing results, with features to include Live Meditation, Physical Activity Tracking & Heart Rate Variability.

A United Nations report found that 41 per cent of employees working remotely reported high levels of stress, compared to just 25 per cent of office workers.

Tripodi said businesses are quickly learning that the new normal of working from home is leading to lower morale, feelings of isolation and an inability to “switch off” after work.

“The Lumin Wellbeing platform allows staff and employers to track these instances as they arise, allowing organisations to adjust how their staff work, just as they would in an office setting,” said Tripodi. “Corporations of all sizes will be able to make better decisions based on real-time data than ever before, despite not having that face-to-face contact.

“Once implemented, our tools will remain an important part of the employee wellbeing journey even after work forces are allowed to return to the office.”

Lumin Sports Technology (Lumin Sports) specialises in the development of innovative sports products for professional sporting teams and high-performance entities. Lumin Sports at its core delivers better performance results by providing actionable insights on athlete data to team management. Lumin Sports collects, centralises and analyses athlete & team data to provide actionable insights.
Founded and based in Adelaide, Australia, and backed by former AFL stars Matthew Pavlich and James Begley, the company works with sporting organisations across the globe including Boston University, professional cycling teams including Team NTT Data (South Africa), Team Katusha (Switzerland), Team Hagens Berman Axeon (USA), Team Tibco Silicon Valley Bank (USA), and Olympic programs including Cycling Australia.
For more information, visit https://luminsports.com/ and luminwellbeing.com

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